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Published on 17th June '20

Uk castle proposal idea

Summer is finally here! Although it may not be the summer you had planned at the beginning of the year, you should still make the most of it. 

Why not explore the rich history of the UK and take advantage of the many beautiful spots around the country? As we've planned proposals in some of the most amazing places in the UK, The Proposers team has put together a guide to the most romantic castles and stately homes to visit in The UK to help you out. 

Best of all? All of these romantic castles and palaces are perfect for a dream summer proposal if you're thinking of dropping down on one knee. 

The Most Romantic Castles in the UK

Edinburgh Castle proposal

Edinburgh Castle - (Scotland)

Edinburgh Castle is a world renowned symbol for Scotland, and has dominated the capital’s skyline for centuries. It’s a very special place for a proposal - truly iconic and romantic. Your partner will never forget this fairy-tale setting, which acts as the backdrop to your proposal.

Our team can organise a private room within the castle for you, which will be decorated with flowers, candles, lanterns and more to create that magical set up. Our team can also organise a professional proposal photographer to capture your special moment (you wouldn't want to propose here without those epic shots to remember it by). 

If your worried about your partner finding out, don't worry! We know how to keep it a secret until the final moment, so you and your partner can explore the castle with the other tourists, until our undercover planner will approach you and ask if you have seen the "secret room". You will be greeted by a beautifully romantic decorated room in the depths of the historic castle. As soft music plays in the background you will go down on one knee and pop the question.

Amberley Castle - (South East)

On the doorstep of the South Downs National Park, Amberley Castle has been used by royalty, politicians and VIPs throughout its history, making it a wonderful place for an epic proposal.

Both a historic castle and a hotel, Amberley offers many options for your romantic proposal. Our planners’ favourite is the old kitchen area; a private part of the castle with amazing views over the vast landscape.

Decorated with thousands of twinkling fairy lights, candles, lanterns and festoon lights, and with a private musician serenading you during your proposal, this intimate area is truly one-of-a- kind. As you take your partner on a walk through the garden, you will stumble upon this set-up and an evening your partner will never forget.

Hampton Court Palace - (London)

Just a stone’s throw away from London, this Tudor Palace is the perfect location for those looking to incorporate hundred's of years of history into their special moment. The Proposers is the proposal partner of the Royal Palaces, so we can create something unique for you.

Take a boat from Richmond and get off at Hampton Court, either to visit the palace or head straight to the quaint banqueting house for a private proposal overlooking the river. If that’s not what you are looking for then how about a proposal on the roof of the palace? Our team can get you a private tour on top of the palace, ending with a magical set-up for your proposal.

Or you could even head to the secret maze and have a race to see who can reach the middle first. Our planners will sneakily take you straight to the middle where you will wait for your partner. The centre of the maze will be decorated with candles, fairy lights, lanterns and a string quartet to serenade you. What can be more special than this?

Leeds Castle - (Kent)

Leeds Castle, in Kent, with over 900 years of history offers countless options for your fairy-tale proposal. From private stately rooms decorated by our team, to a treasure hunt in the garden leading you through the maze.

But, the real reason why Leeds Castle is the place for a jaw dropping proposal is a fireworks show, which can be personalised to you and synced to “your” song. Ever fancied proposing while the most magnificent fireworks goes off over the castle grounds? Then this is the place for you!

Blenheim Palace - (Oxford)

Blenheim is situated just outside of Oxford and is the only property in Britain, which carries the title “Palace”, but is in fact not Royal. Instead, it’s the principal residence of the Duke of Marlborough, the family still lives on site, and is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the largest houses in England.

It’s very impressive gardens are a match made in heaven for a romantic proposal! Take your partner on a stroll through the park and down to the grand lake, with the palace as your backdrop, and you will have an unforgettable proposal spot! Fun fact: Winston Churchill proposed to his wife on the grounds.

Highclere Castle - (Berkshire)

Fans of the TV series Downton Abbey will instantly recognise Highclere Castle, because it stands in as the main house in the show. Whilst Downton Abbey itself is fictional, this is still a striking building nonetheless, and well worth visiting!

If your partner is a fan of the show, then that is an added bonus and makes this location even more special for your proposal. Don’t miss out on the secret garden if you are looking for an intimate proposal, or go all out and hire a horse and carriage to ride around the garden and transport you back through history. It will be a proposal of a lifetime! 

Chatsworth House - (Derbyshire)

Nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, near England’s Peak district, Chatsworth House has topped lists of the UK’s favourite country house numerous times. And it’s not hard to see why! The impressive building, surrounded by 105 acres of garden and 1,000 acres of parkland, is truly wonde to behold.

The house itself has been home to the Cavendish family (also known as the Dukes of Devonshire) since 1549. The family still live there, and of the 126 rooms, only around 20 or so are open to the public. Still, they are large, impressive and richly decorated, so if you want to go down on one knee in one of the rooms, we highly recommend it!

To celebrate your engagement, there are on-site restaurants fit for a royal celebration, and if you’re looking to take your proposal to the next level of Britishness, then sitting down for afternoon tea is definitely a good way to do so! Chatsworth House serves one of the best afternoon teas in the UK. Place your ring on top of the cake stand or on a scone for a very British proposal. 

Let us plan your UK Castle proposal

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Have you been inspired to propose at one of the UK's best castles, or even have another idea in mind? Speak to The Proposers today to start planning your proposal. Contact us here for a free consultation with one of our expert proposal planners.


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