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Published on 22nd April '17

When Patrick came to us to help him re-create a music video we were so excited! We had already planned their proposal in Hong Kong, but Patrick wanted to surprise his fiance, Junella, even more by re-creating the 'Love is Easy' video from her favourite band, McFly!

Patrick wanted to make a few adaptions to the video, by putting props that reflected his and Junella's relationship into it. We had a lot of fun creating over 50 props that would be used in the video. And we bought tonnes more! Patrick wanted his friends and family to be part of the surprise so we arranged for over 40 of them to travel from all across the world to be there. We also enlisted the help of the wonderful Club Mob team to choreograph the whole surprise, and after hours of preparation the big day was finally here!  Patrick told Junella to meet him and her family at the theatre for a unique 'birthday dinner', she had no idea what she was really walking in to! She couldn't believe her eyes when she not only saw her friends and family in the theatre, but also Patrick up on the stage!

The surprise was such a success and it ended with a BANG...

... when there was a message for Junella from a member of the band, HARRY JUDD!

We had so much fun creating this event and we think it's safe to say that this was a surprise of a lifetime for Junella! Congratulations to Patrick and Junella on their engagement! If you would like to see the video of what happened at this amazing romantic surprise and to see Harry Judd's message click on the video below.

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