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Published on 23rd January '17

We recently created a beautiful proposal for Jacob and his now fiance Ligia with the best views overlooking London.Jacob and Ligia fly to different countries for a few hours at a time because they love to travel, so Jacob told Ligia that they were going to London to have a meal in Sky Garden, little did she what else he had in store! With only a few hours for the couple to get to Sky Garden from the airport, pull off an incredible proposal, and still leave enough time for a celebratory lunch before the couple headed back to the airport, we had a hard task at hand. However, we knew just how to make the proposal perfect. 

We suggested that instead of having a treasure hunt around London, it should instead take place in Sky Garden itself. Jacob thought it was a great idea so we set to work finding the ideal gifts. On the day of the proposal Jacob, Ligia and Ligia's sister arrived at Sky Garden. As they began to walk around the gardens Ligia was surprised when one of our planners handed her a gift that had a note addressed to her attached. It said "Here is your first surprise. It is my favourite memory of us."

As Ligia unwrapped the gift a photo frame with a lovely picture of the couple inside was revealed. The couple continued walking and they were met by another of our planners who handed Ligia a second gift. Inside Ligia found a box containing one of Liberty's famous scarfs, a true London moment. For the final gift Jacob lead Ligia out to the observation deck where he told her to look at the views.

As she did one of our planners came over with the final gift... a long stemmed red rose with a note attached saying, "I have a question to ask you..." Whilst Ligia was reading the note Jacob bent down so that he was on one knee behind her. As she turned around he held up a beautiful ring and asked her to be his wife.

Through tears of joy, Ligia said 'yes'

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Ligia was over the moon with her proposal and said, "Thank you, guys! It was by far the best surprise I've ever had!"

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