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Published on 17th July '17

Keith wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Queenie, in a creative way! Whilst on holiday in London he took his girlfriend to visit a beautiful secret garden, located right next to Hyde Park! Keith wanted a proposal that represented being in England, with one random request, which was to hand Queenie origami frogs. With such a random brief, we got started on the job at hand.


As they entered the park, a musician, acting as a busker, began singing one of her favourite songs, 'Thank You for Loving Me' - Bon Jovi. This caught Queenies attention... Whilst listening to the 'busker' perform, Queenie was handed 15 origami frogs by 15 strangers, who one by one read out a 'promise message'. These frogs were then put into a jar that Queenie could keep forever!

This gave Keith time to sneak off... to get one final present for his girlfriend... He handed her a box, and when she opened it a stunning balloon floated out with the words 'Will You Spend Your Life With Me?' written on it!

To her surprise, the 15 strangers standing next to each other then opened up an umbrella, which spelt...


Keith got down on one knee and proposed...


Congratulations to the happy couple!

We were so lucky to have umbrellas involved in their proposal because it was torrential rain for 2 hours before the proposal! Not only can we plan beautiful proposals but we can also may the rain stop for the actual proposal... but don't hold us too that!

Check out Keith and Queenies full proposal video here!

Keith said: 'I had some very random requests for my proposal and the girls at The Proposers made this happen! I am very thankful for all of your hard work and creativity skills which made my proposal perfect.'

We have planned over 1,700 'she said yes', marriage proposals, from Nigeria to Asia! Get in touch at if you have an idea for a proposal or need a little inspiration, we would love to help!


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