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Published on 7th April '17

Morocco is such a beautiful country so it's no surprise that David wanted to propose to his lovely girlfriend Alicia there. David and Alicia with our team in Morocco! On the day of the proposal we arranged for the couple to take a trip to the local market to meet a tour guide. Once in the market the tour guide took the couple to a souk where they could get the best Moroccan coffee whilst looking at what the souk holder had on offer. Alicia had no idea that this was in fact the place where her life would change forever. David and Alicia's first date was in Starbucks so David wanted to include this in some way. After the tour guide brought the couple their coffee's, he also handed Alicia a bag of coffee from Starbucks. She was shocked to see it in a Moroccan souk, of course, she did not know the real reason behind it!

After getting excited about the coffee, Alicia was then handed a second gift; a leopard print scarf. She loves leopard print so was very excited when she was told by the souk holder that she could keep it!

The tour guide then asked the couple where in America they are from as well as asking them if they have ever been to Atlantic City, (the first holiday they went on together), when Alicia said they had, he presented them with this postcard, which Alicia loved! 

The first film the couple ever watched together, 'Love and Basketball', was the next gift...

... followed by Alicia's very own tiara to reflect the fact that David always refers to Alicia as his "Princess".

Alicia was then handed an empty ring box, and as she opened it something AMAZING happened... watch the video of their proposal below to find out what it was!

Congratulations to the lovely couple! We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness! David was thrilled with his proposal and sent us this lovely message! "Skeptical about hiring an international company, I can definitely say that this company went above and beyond my expectations. Daisy and her team did a really wonderful job with coordinating everything from start to finish. They were in constant communication with me from planning to execution. They were very attentive to all my requests and even suggested really helpful ways to keep this surprise proposal discreet from my now fiance. The Proposers made the moment very special for my fiance and I, and we cannot stop talking about it. Thank you The Proposers!"

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