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Published on 13th April '21

When it comes to planning your perfect marriage proposal everyone is different. However, the thing that all our clients have in common is that they want to create a proposal that their partner is going to love.

As a result of this we like to remind our clients to carefully consider what their partner likes, dislikes and their personality type when making each decision. This may seem obvious but it can often get over looked when you are overwhelmed with ideas and options.

In this post we have 10 possible personality traits and passions with great proposal ideas to match…


If your partner is bold and outgoing then this is when we would suggest doing something extra! A great option is a flash mob with a big crowd of dancers and singers serenading you in public. This is a sure way to make your partner feel loved, especially if they love the lime light! Another great suggestion is to use the flash screens in Piccadilly Circus, you will be sure to catch peoples attention this way and make your partner feel like the most important person in the world.


If your partner is shy or a little introverted we highly recommend that you go for a more private venue or location to pop the question. This could be a private meal for two, a cosy cinema set up or even a beautiful set up in the comfort of your own home to make it much more comfortable for them.


If your partner is a true romantic then Paris is a very safe bet! The city of love is the best way to create a marriage proposal setting that oozes romance. In these unpredictable times that may seem a little tricky though so we do offer a pretty great option of our ‘Night in Paris’ set up at The Shard. This involves a stunning Paris inspired set up whist being surrounded by the panoramic views of London. If that is not romantic then we don’t know what is!


Do they love the outdoors? This is great, you have lots of options! You can never go wrong with a beautiful bandstand picnic in Battersea park. We love to include a musician, fairy lights, candles and flowers to give its that extra special touch. Or what about a beautiful firework display to dazzle your loved one before asking their hand in marriage? We also love creating ‘outdoors in’ proposals for those worried about the weather. We can arrange a beautiful green setting in the comfort of a luxury location. We have lots of new outdoor summer packages, get in contact via for more details.


If they are into their music we suggest hiring a musician to play their favourite song or even a song that is special to the both of you. We work with some great talents from guitarists and singers to harpists. We will surely have someone to your taste to serenade the both of you. A great proposal we love to plan is to get the singers to play your favourite song whilst wearing t-shirts or holding a sign that says ‘MARRY ME?'

Travel Lover

Does your partner love to explore new places? We love doing proposals abroad! We offer packages in various different amazing locations including Santorini, Dubai and Paris. If not, we also have options for you to create a travel themed staycation to acknowledge your partners love of travel.

A final idea for your travel loving partner is being a tourist in London. We love to create proposals at the major London landmarks, the beautiful views from Tower Bridge and the London Eye make for the perfect setting to ask that all important question.

Luxury Lover

Its a big occasion, a once in a lifetime in fact! Why not go all out and enjoy the big moment in style. Our favourite luxury locations are The Shangri-la Hotel at The Shard, London and The Ritz London. Both locations have stunning spaces that we can transform to create a dazzling personalised setting for the both of you. We also love to decorate hotel rooms for you and your loved one to enjoy a luxurious overnight stay.


If they are sentimental you must get your best photos and memories printed and hang them, frame them or even create a treasure hunt including them… they will love it! Along with photographs you could also include their favourite things. These little touches go a very long way with someone sentimental. Some ideas are, including their favourite love song, colour, food and beverages and maybe even wear that top you know they love on you!

P.S. Remember to book that photographer and videographer…they are going to want some great footage and picture to remember this!


If your partner is a sport fanatic you could plan your proposal around this. This way your partner is going to get to do something they love with you and also get proposed to…best day ever?!

Some sports we’ve included in proposals are ice skating (you would go for a romantic skate together and have us hold up ‘MARRY ME?’ signs on the side lines) or maybe you could take them on their favourite hike and have a stunning set up ready at the view point?

Harry Potter Lover

If they are a Harry Potter lover then I’m sure you are well aware! We have so much fun creating magical Harry Potter set ups across London in stunning hotels for our clients to surprise their other halves with.

Family Orientated

Finally, if your partner is all about family and friends then we love to see them involved. We never suggest that you invite your nearest and dearest to the big moment as we believe that should be a moment for just the two of you (not to mention the added pressure to an already nerve-wracking moment!) However, we think getting your closest people together to surprise and celebrate after is a fabulous idea!

We hope that this has helped you to tailor your marriage proposal ideas to fit your partner perfectly or even just inspired you with a few different touches to add to your special moment.

If you would like some further advice, tips or assistance get in contact via or follow us on Instagram @theproposers.

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