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Published on 3rd August '15

Alex contacted us to arrange a proposal for him whilst holidaying in London. He knew he wanted something super romantic and meaningful but wasn't sure what. So we organised London Penthouse Proposal for them.

Alex and Carol are from Brazil and Alex's surname in English is Love Birds, (what a great name). So we knew that this should be the theme for the proposal.

We just needed a great view..and where better than a penthouse apartment overlooking the most iconic sites in London.

We could almost touch Big Ben and the London Eye.

We then transformed this room into a colourful oasis fit for Love Birds.

A beautiful, colourful petal trail leading to the big question...

Our Love Bird theme

But there's more!

Alex wanted to make his proposal very personalised. So together, we created a gorgeous scrapbook filled with memories of the couple's relationship.

Personalised with their best memories

We're sure she'll cherish this scrapbook forever

As she turned the last page a projection lit up onto the wall of the penthouse.

Little did she know that Alex had secretly asked friends and family in Brazil to film a message about the couple. Carol's reaction was priceless. So emotional!

Even their sweet nephew got involved!

She said yes!

Watch this AMAZING video, its sooooo romantic. It will make you smile and cry, (happy tears of course).

This is one of our favourite videos for one of our fave couples. We're so happy for them.

Congratulations Alex and Carol.

Watch the video here:

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