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Published on 2nd February '17

The London Eye is one of the most iconic proposal spots in London, so it's no wonder that Bal asked us to help create a magical proposal for Harj there. On the day of the proposal Bal took the unsuspecting Harj for a trip on the London Eye. Little did she know that the strangers who got on the pod with her weren't actually tourists, but instead our undercover planners and musicians! Taking in the sights of London as the wheel made it's way around Harj had no idea that Bal had another surprise up his sleeve.

As they reached the top Harj was shocked when a familiar song began to play. It was 'Grow Old With You', from The Wedding Singer. One by one the other 'tourists' began to join in with the song. As the song came to an end, each opened their jackets to reveal the words, 'Will you marry me Harj?' This was Bal's cue and he got down on one knee to ask Harj to marry him...

... and she said YES!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

You can see more of Bal and Harj's sweet proposal here:

If you have been inspired by this post, and would like help planning your own unique marriage proposal in The London Eye, let us know at, or visit for more information.


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