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Published on 2nd February '21

Lockdown Valentines Day Ideas (Single or Not!)

February is our favorite time of year here at The Proposers, it’s the month of love and who doesn’t love, love?!

It’s a strange time we are experiencing at the moment, it would be easy to ignore Valentines day this year as traditional celebrations like booking a table at your favorite restaurant aren’t possible (lets hope they will be soon!) However, we think our current circumstances should give us even more incentive to feel and spread some well-needed love.

Whether its love for your partner, family, friends or self-love (arguably the most important kind of love!) we want you to use this month and valentines day as an excuse to make that extra bit of effort to spread some joy.

Here are 5 fun ideas to spread some love in lockdown…

1. Write a Love Letter

It’s so easy to forget to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you, take this opportunity. A love letter is practically a guaranteed way to put a smile on your loved ones face. Tell them what you love and appreciate about them, remind them of a your favorite memory together. (You could even include a picture of that memory.) Pop it in a pretty envelope and put it under their pillow, deliver it to them with a cup of tea in bed or simply put it in the post box!

2021 is said to be the year of self care and self love so why not write yourself a love letter. Write ten things you love about yourself, it might feel a bit unnatural at first but that’s a sign you need to show yourself some love!


2. Cook with Love

Cook or bake something extra special. You must have that one meal that is just your absolute favorite. Maybe its your childhood staple or a new discovery? Whatever it is make it and enjoy it guilt free! Does your grandma have a favorite flavour cake, bake it and decorate it with her favorite icing and drop it to her doorstop. Does your girlfriend have a favorite restaurant? Tell her to dress up and cook it the best you can in your kitchen, even if its not quite to restaurant standard they will appreciate the thought and effort that’s gone into it. (And remember a pizza delivery is only ever an hour away if it really does go that bad!) These small gestures really do go a long way and are a really fun way to create a special moment and show your love.

If you're really not a confident cook then why not get someone to do it for you? Jimmy Garcia is doing a great selection of boxes delivered to you. The Valentines feast box includes cocktails, canapes and even a cheese course...yes please!!

3. Flowers

Did you know it’s been proven that placing flowers in your home where you can see them on a day to day basis can increase your mood and compassion towards others? Who doesn’t want to experience that?!

Buy two beautiful bunches of flowers, the biggest and most beautiful you can find, it is Valentines after all! Put one in your own space to enjoy and give one to your loved one. If you aren’t able to drop flowers off or your loved one is currently isolating then you could get a flower delivery. Amie Bone is our favourite florist, she does some beautiful arrangements!

4. Compliment

For some people Valentines day can seem like a lot of effort and a bit too extravagant. You don’t have to do anything wild if it's not your style, sometimes the smaller acts are more special anyway! Why not simply compliment your loved one. Don’t be generic, make sure you have a little think about what it is you love about that person. What makes them so unique and special to you? Then simply tell them. It could make their day!


5. Get creative

There are a lot of cliches around Valentines day which can be hard to avoid. One way to swerve the generic Valentines day gifts and gestures is to go homemade, get creative and make something yourself. You could simple make a card or you could even create a little hamper with their favorite things, if you wanto to get really creative you could make a fun board game involving all your inside jokes and memories together.

If creativity is not your thing then getting something personalised is a great option. You could have a card personalised online and have it sent it to them. Another great idea is a personalised balloon. We love Bubblegum balloons for this, they offer a huge range of super fun balloons that you can personalise and get sent to a friend, partner or family members door.

We hope we’ve inspired you with some ways to make the most of Valentines day in lockdown this year.

Let us know if you do any of these ideas by tagging us or sending us a DM on Instagram @theproposers, we’d love to see!

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