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Published on 3rd October '16

Marvin wanted to do something amazing for his proposal to his girlfriend Mimi.The couple are very elegant so we thought where better to propose than in a beautiful spot in Kensington Gardens. Within Kensington Gardens we thought that The Sunken Gardens would be the perfect place to pop the question because of its spectacular views over Kensington Palace and the idyllic scenery surrounding it.

Marvin told us that he wanted singers to serenade Mimi with a classic version of ‘their’ song, John Legend’s ‘Tonight’, so we enlisted the help of our amazing West End Singers to perform at the proposal.On the day of the proposal Marvin took Mimi for a walk through the gardens. After a while they came across a group of people who were singing ‘their’ song. Mimi was shocked, and even more so when one of the singers began rapping!As the song came to an end Marvin requested a second song. This time John Legend’s ‘All of Me’. During the song Marvin turned to Mimi, got down on one knee and pulled out the most amazing ring! He asked her to marry him, and through tears of joy Mimi said YES!

Congratulations to the lovely couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

If you would like to see more of their beautiful proposal take a look at the video below. Warning. You might need a pack of tissues for this one.

Marvin was thrilled with his proposal and the couple have even asked us to help with the musical arrangement for their wedding.

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