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Published on 8th November '17

Dilo came all the way to us from South Africa to plan his perfect surprise proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Loshni.

Dilo and Loshni have the most romantic love story, so we'll start at the beginning...

Our completely loved up couple met many years ago when they were teenagers and became the best of friends. As time passed by, Dilo and Loshni slowly drifted a part. Three years ago, Dilo travelled to Brazil with his friends and during their travels many photos were uploaded onto Facebook, this caught Loshni's eye. After seeing these photos Loshni got back in touch with Dilo and their love grew stronger than ever despite living 14,000km away from each other!

We got in touch with Loshni's best friend, Cleo who was acting undercover for the proposal. She told Loshni that they were going to a charity fundraising event by The London Eye... so both of the girls got beautifully dressed up and set off for the 'event'. Whilst walking through the park, Loshni was completely shocked to see her one true love standing right in front of her eyes! She ran up to Dilo to reunite together.


Cleo handed Loshni a personalised puzzle piece, which Loshni had to keep safe for the entire day. Dilo then took Loshni to her next surprise which was a private capsule on The London Eye, they enjoyed a glass of Champagne while enjoying the sunny sights overlooking London.

As the happy couple reached the top of The London Eye, Dilo handed Loshni another piece of the personalised puzzle... now Loshni was so confused!

The final surprise of the evening was a drink at GONG Bar in The Shangri-la, The Shard.

Whilst at the bar, Dilo excused himself to the bathroom, little did Loshni know that Dilo was actually getting transformed into a suit and tie for his own proposal!

Meanwhile, one of our planners approached Loshni with ANOTHER puzzle piece with a note attached to it. This note was a romantic message from Dilo and instructed Loshni onto the real, final surprise.

As she arrived at the Yi Private Dining Room in The Shangri-la, she was completely surprised to see the most beautifully decorated room, and her Prince Charming standing there waiting for her.

The couple were serenaded by a musician singing Loshni's favourite song as she arrived 'The Way You Look Tonight' - Frank Sinatra.

As they reunited once again, Loshni inserted her personalised puzzle pieces into the puzzle to make it complete.

The puzzle was a song written by Dilo himself!

As Loshni slotted in the final piece, a musician began to serenade our happy couple with Dilo's meaningful song.

But the surprises didn't stop there... Beside the complete puzzle was another incomplete puzzle which was a photo of our happy couple swimming with a dolphin!

Dilo took out the final puzzle piece which had the all important words written on it...



The couple then enjoyed a dinner for two overlooking the beautiful sights of London.

Congratulations to our happy couple!

Dilo Said: Spectacularly well organised, full of creative and inventive ideas, ever willing to listen and help pull of my vision and most importantly simply a lovely group of ladies to help pull off a dream proposal.

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