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Published on 18th May '16

Please note, due to the discretion of our clients we have changed the names in this post and cannot show you the couple’s faces. However we can show you all the fun they had during their proposal, and of course the beautiful ring! In December our lovely client Martin came over from Canada to propose to his girlfriend, Veronica. Martin came to us because he wanted our help to create a beautiful proposal for his girlfriend Veronica.

Martin and Veronica love London, and wanted to visit all the iconic spots, so Martin enlisted our help to arrange a truly amazing proposal for her. We decided that a treasure hunt would be the perfect proposal for the couple if they wanted to visit various locations around London. We thought that it would be a lovely touch if, at each location, a clue would be given to Veronica so that she could get to the next place.

Martin told us that he and Veronica have a really romantic story. They had been sweethearts at university, but had lost touch after. Since then fate had brought them back together, which is why we decided to create a life sized puzzle of a Love Story movie poster, pieces of which, would be given along with a clue, to Veronica throughout the day.

The proposal itself actually took place over two days. On the first day Martin took Veronica on a trip to Windsor so that they could visit the Castle. Whilst they were spending the evening enjoying a romantic meal in a quaint country pub, we delivered the first beautifully wrapped gift to Veronica. Inside the gift she found a piece of the jigsaw, and the first clue, telling her where she needed to go next. We think it’s safe to say that at this point she was both delighted and very confused! 

The next day the real fun began. The clue Veronica had received the night before lead her to the Victoria and Albert Museum. After spending a few hours looking around the exhibits they were greeted by one of our planners who was holding a red umbrella and a charmingly wrapped gift, which she handed to Veronica as she left the museum. Inside there was another piece of the puzzle along with the second clue inside.

We had arranged for Veronica and Martin to travel in style and they were picked up from the museum in a brand new Jag where they were driven to The Ivy on the King’s Road.

After spending delicious meal at the Ivy, one of our planners had turned up with the next gift, a bottle of champagne. The clue was written on the side of the bottle and it led them to St James’ Park. When they arrived at the Park the couple got out of the car and went for a stroll. As they reached the bridge, (which has stunning views of The Horse Guards Parade, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye), a busker began to play. This was not just any ordinary song. It was Veronica’s favourite song, ‘Lucy in the sky’.

As the song ended, the busker then began to play a second song, ‘Faithfully,’ by Journey. To Veronica’s surprise, this time members of the ‘public’, (who were actually our secret singers), joined in with the song. Veronica was stunned when she realised the singing was all for her.

As the singers were performing they all held up a red umbrella above their heads. During the song one of the singers came over and handed Veronica another beautifully wrapped gift containing a piece of the puzzle and the next clue.

The next stop on the hunt was ChoccyWoccyDooDah. Veronica loves the chocolate shop’s TV show, so Martin wanted to incorporate a visit there into the proposal.

When they arrived outside of the shop they were greeted by another one of our planners, who held a red umbrella as she gave the gift to Veronica. Before heading off to the next location the couple entered the shop to have a look around. Whilst in there the assistants handed her another present, this time containing a red chocolate heart, which had the words, ‘Love Finds A Way,’ written across it.

The couple were then taken to St Paul’s Cathedral where Martin had arranged for Veronica’s friend Susie, a pastor who they know from Canada, to come and surprise them on the steps of the Cathedral. After talking to them for a while Susie handed Veronica another of the beautifully wrapped boxes, which contained another jigsaw piece and a clue. This clue led Veronica to Love Lane.

Once at Love Lane Veronica was met by one of our planners who was stood, holding a red umbrella next to a large, gorgeously wrapped box. As she unwrapped the box a balloon filled with confetti floated gently out. On the balloon the words, ‘Love finds a way,’ were written.

The box also contained a piece of the puzzle and a clue. The clue led them to Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is significant for the couple as they have a favourite bridge in every country they visit.

At the Bridge they strolled along the walkways taking a look at the stunning views over London, which is when they came across another of our planners, who was stood under the mistletoe holding a red umbrella and a beautifully wrapped gift. Inside was the final piece of the puzzle.

That evening the couple were taken to the Shangri-La in The Shard to have a private dining experience. We made sure that the room had the best view of Tower Bridge. As Martin led Veronica into the room, which was adorned with fairy lights, lanterns and red and gold rose petals, she noticed the life sized puzzle in front of her, with empty spaces that had been left for the pieces she had collected throughout the day.

As she slotted the jigsaw pieces into place she saw that it created a movie poster of a couple kissing underneath a red umbrella. The title of their romantic movie was ‘Love Finds A Way,’ (notice the significance!)

After the jigsaw was complete, Martin got down on one knee and romantically asked Veronica to marry him, and she said YES!

They spent the rest of the night celebrating with a delicious three-course meal and champagne.

If you have been inspired by Martin and Veronica’s exquisite engagement ring take a look at the bespoke design service we offer here. If you would like any help creating an incredible proposal for your partner contact The Proposers at They have created over 1700 proposals with a 100%, ‘Yes!’ success rate so you are in safe hands with them!


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