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Published on 11th June '15

It's that time of the week again... THROWBACK THURSDAY! This throwback goes back to the proposal of James from Canada and Karen from Columbia. James came to us and he wanted to completely trick his girlfriend of 10 years so she never knew what was coming.  One of London's treasures, We, The Proposers decided to hire a market stall in the centre of Piccadilly Market. We knew Karen loved to take pictures, so we hired an actor to work on this special photography stall.

The market stall.

Our actor selling the couple 'his' work. We had 4 of Karen's pictures that she had taken, framed and the actor tried to sell them to her as his own work. We made sure she would spot them. It's safe to say she was certainly tricked.

She said YES!! When James had the perfect opportunity, he got down on one knee and asked Karen to marry him. It was a great proposal, and so unique to Karen and James. Congratulations guys.  


The Proposers.

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