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Published on 19th October '22

The time has come for you to pop the question – congratulations!

This is a super exciting once-in-a lifetime-occasion and you may have started to ask yourself where best to propose in London? Well we’re here to help - it doesn’t get more iconic then celebrating your love on Tower Bridge.

As one of the most famous landmarks of London and indeed the world. Tower Bridge has been included in countless of historical moments and pop culture references (not to be confused with London Bridge it's neighbour) and now you can make it part of your story by enjoying it as a backdrop to your proposal!

So how do you propose on Tower Bridge?

Step 1 - Reach out to us

First thing first, reach out to us - we will take down an initial brief including potential dates and make suggestions as to some of the wonderful options we can offer in this location. All our Tower Bridge proposals come with the hire of the Tower Bridge walkway, photography a bottle of bubbly (or a non-alcoholic alternative), our planning & décor services.

For this lovely venue we can keep a date on a provisional hold and 1 to 2 weeks prior to the date discussed we will be able to check back with the bridge and confirm it for you.

Step 2 - All in the details

Once we get the greenlight for the proposal, we will then finalise the plan with you – this is the fun part where we get to customise the experience from ‘head to toe’ and we will walk you through it swiftly so that you will feel in complete control.

We offer different options to personalise from choosing colour schemes to decorations to music selection to even coming up with a complete never-seen-before bespoke proposal. We love to tailor the day to make it feel perfect for you!

After all is discussed we create a plan so that you know exactly where to go on the day and have a run down of precisely what to expect - being a Grade I listed building this is very important as we need to adhere to security measures and protocols.

As we are the partner proposal company of the bridge we have created countless of ‘will you marry me’ moments and know the ins and outs of this stunning location so you are in good hands.

We will also send you tickets to a ‘VIP exhibition’ at Tower Bridge which you can use as decoy so your partner will think you are coming for something else completely.

Step 3 - The proposal

Then the big day arrives…

On the day you will arrive at Tower Bridge at 6:00pm with your ‘tickets’. Of course at this point in time all the day visitors would have already departed for the day and everything will be perfectly laid out and privatised for your yes moment!

You can opt to walk the walkway together if you think this is preferred or alternatively meet your partner in the middle to go down on bended knee.

This is our absolute favourite part as your partners’ reaction when the surprise will be revealed, your song comes on and they approach the glass part of the walkway is always priceless and EPIC.

You will then take them by the hand and ask the all important question!

After they say ‘yes’ you will have time to celebrate, take photos and toast.

Then you will leave the bridge with our amazing photographer to take more photos, this time with Tower Bridge in your backdrop and ring on hand.

Ready to get organising on your perfect Tower Bridge proposal?

We can’t wait to hear from you to guide you along the process.

We've planned over 3,500 marriage proposals with a 100% YES rate.

Speak to The Proposers today to start planning your big day. Contact us here to hear back from one of our expert proposal planners.


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