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Published on 1st April '20

There are a lot of couples that prefer privacy, intimacy and cosiness in their relationship, so why not translate this into your proposal and make use of the space you love the most, and is personal to you both, by creating a cinema proposal at home.

How can you create the perfect proposal at home for movie lovers?

How To Plan Your Home Cinema Proposal

1. Get the decorations

Creating the perfect snug and comfy place to set the scene for your big moment is simple and easy to do with some props you may already have in your home. The key is to get organised a few days beforehand by gathering some key elements including candles, fairy lights, a selection of your partners favourite snacks, champagne and a bunch of flowers. You can also order a Postbox home cinema proposal, which is our service with our friends at Postbox Party, find out more on our blog.

If your partner has the skills of a private detective, then just tell them you bought them stuff for a date night at home, otherwise keep it a complete surprise and hide everything away in a place they'll never think to look.

2. Decide on the movie

The next step is for you to decide on the film! You might choose to pop on a film that is romantic, a film that means something to you both (could be the first film you went to see together), or why not go a step further and create a home video that is filled with pictures of you both and your most precious memories, or enlist our professional help to do it for you. Imagine your partner's surprise as they sit through the opening credits of the movie they want to see, only to then see the movie transform into the movie of your lives (just look at how amazing a personalised movie can be, below).

3. Set up your home cinema

The time has come for you to set up your home proposal and all you need to do is make sure your partner is distracted elsewhere for a while. Get all the candles you can find and disperse them around your living room, turn on the lamps to create some mood lighting, add some fairy lights if you have some, pop the champagne and glasses along with your popcorn and sweets on the table and sprinkle a few petals to add that extra romantic touch. We can even have personalised popcorn boxes and drinks cups delivered to your doorstep!

4. The Proposal

All that’s left to do is lure your partner to your cosy set up, sit back and relax while you watch the movie together. Wait until your favourite tear-jerking movie moment.

All you have to do is follow the 3 pops -

1) Pop the movie on

2) Pop down on one knee at the right moment

3) Pop the champagne cork in celebration

Let us plan your Home Cinema Proposal

We've planned over 2,000 marriage proposals, and have a 100% YES success rate!

We can still help you out with making the setting for your proposal perfect and give you some great ideas on making it personalised and decorating romantically so why not give us a call and have a phone consultation, have us deliver a personalised proposal package to your door and create a magical home video including the two of you. 

Want to host a home cinema proposal? Contact us now to speak with one of our expert proposal planners.


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