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Published on 26th March '20

One of our most popular proposals is our wine proposal, where our professional sommelier guides you through an exciting wine tasting experience.

You will blind taste four wines with each wine having a very specific story. It might be a wine from the year you first met, or a grape from a region where you had a memorable and romantic holiday. Our planners will gather all of this information before the proposal so that we can tailor the experience, with our sommelier hand picking the best wines based on this.

Everything will seem perfectly normal to your future fiancé until the very end of your romantic "date night", when the sommelier reveals the bottles, one by one, with the labels spelling out “Will” “You” “Marry” “Me?”. This makes for the ultimate surprise to an already magical evening. 

This proposal is normally done in some of the most beautiful venues in London, such as Shakespeare's Globe or Carlton House Terrace, but we have now teamed up with Postbox Party to offer our unique “Wine Tasting Proposal” for you to do at home. It’s a match made in heaven for a wine loving couple. 

If you want to wow your loved one with a sophisticated proposal, without breaking the bank and keep it completely private, then this is the home proposal for you! 

So how do you create the most amazing wine tasting proposal?

Wine Tasting Proposal

How To Plan Your Wine Proposal At Home

Well, the steps to creating your own wine tasting are really easy, as long as you don't reveal the labels until the very end, then this proposal is bullet proof. Here's how...

1) Source the wines

Our sommelier can still help you with this and have everything you need delivered to your door. Pick wines that have a personal connection to your relationship. These could be wines from places you have visited or want to visit, or wines from the year you met or first got in a relationship. As with any proposal, personal touches make all the difference.

2) Personalise the labels

This can be tricky, so have patience. First peel off the old label and then gently place the new one with the words "Will You Marry Me" on to the bottle. A good tip is to soak the label off with warm water.  You'll probably be taking photos with these afterwards, so you want them to look neat and presentable.

3. Bag ‘em up.

Place each bottle in an individual bag numbered 1-4. Make sure to double check that you put the right bottle in the right bag, as you will reveal them one by one to surprise your partner. You don't want it to say "Will Me Marry You". 

4) Set the scene and surprise your loved one

An added touch would be to set up the wine tasting with some décor - invest in some nice wine glasses, buy some cheese, crackers and fruit to add to the ambiance and create the perfect at home wine tasting. If you want to win some extra brownie points then cook them a nice dinner to accompany the tasting, either for before or after.

5) Take part in your own wine tasting

Follow the tasting guidelines in your wine tasting book which comes with the labels. You get one each, this is your personalised guide to the wine tasting. See, Smell, Taste and Evaluate – these are the pillars to your tasting. Our sommelier can prepare tasting notes and a history for each of the wines. These will be the hidden clues for your significant other.  

6) Get down on one knee

After you have tasted the four wines, it’s time for the big reveal! Get your partner to reveal the the labels if you want some time to get ready with the ring or do it yourself if you want to be part of the big moment! 

7) Celebrate!

This is time to call family, enjoy dinner, and spend your first night as engaged together! Congratulations.

Let us plan your Wine Tasting Proposal

We've planned over 2,000 marriage proposals, and have a 100% YES success rate!

Want to host a wine tasting proposal at home or propose at an amazing venue in London? Contact us now to speak with one of our expert proposal planners.

In light of recent events surrounding the Coronavirus, we're still open for business. If a proposal at home isn't what you're looking for, we can still help you to plan your proposal via virtual consultations NOW so that all you have to do is set a date when we're back to normal. Contact our team to find out more about how we can help plan your proposal.


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