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Published on 24th March '21

We are so excited to be back planning outdoor proposals! In honour of this we have put together a list of things to consider when planning your outdoor marriage proposal to make sure it’s extra special!


We all know about the unpredictability of British weather! This is something you need to consider as you don’t want bad weather to taint your special moment.

Firstly we suggest that you check ahead and chose a day that has the best forecast.

Once you’ve set your date, ensure that you have a back up plan in place. We call this the ‘wet weather plan'. We always suggest to our clients that they choose a place that has a bandstand, monument, or some kind of undercover area, even if that is just a spot with some trees to shelter underneath. You can never be too cautious.Put aside some time if possible, to go to your chosen location and have a look around and see what you have to work with. This could also spark extra creative ideas for the proposal too.


Location is key, you can really make your proposal extra thoughtful through your choice of location. Is there a special outdoor space that means a lot to you and your partner? Maybe you have a favourite walk, could you do it here? Is there a significant monument you’d like to make your grand gesture in front of? Once you’ve decided your outdoor location you can then begin to make all the other decisions to compliment this.

Do your research

It’s important to have a quick research into the area that you plan to propose. Are there any sporting events happening there? You don’t want your romantic moment to be ruinied by a storm of marathon runners! If you have chosen a park, what are the closing times? Is it a busy place? What are the best times to avoid crowds of tourists?


Who doesn’t want their proposal to look beautiful?! Especially if you are hoping to get some great pictures. Fairy lights and candles are our favourite when it comes to an outdoor set up (not real candles in a park of course… #disaster!) they really create a magical atmosphere if you are planning to do it in the evening. Some other lovely ways we like to add that special touch through decor is to hang photographers on ribbon off trees, set up a beautiful ‘MARRY ME’ sign and lots and lots of your partners favourite flowers.

Another great way to add personalisation to the outdoor set up is a picnic. Pick out your partners favourite food, get a bottle of your favourite wine or champagne. These small touches will really touch them.


It goes without saying that music is key to a romantic atmosphere. A speaker with a thoughtful playlist is a great touch or if you really want to pull out all the stops why not hire a musician?

Hiring a musician is also a great way to set your moment. You and your partner could be on a walk, spot a busker (or so, your partner thinks) and go over to see them play. Once you’re there the busker can begin to play your favourite song as a couple or maybe one that has lyrics meaningful to the both of you and that is your moment to pop the question!

Get your story straight

You have gone to so much effort planning all the fine details ready to surprise your partner. How will you ensure it stays a secret until you are getting down on one knee?

Telling a sneaky white lie and creating a bit of story as to why you are going to the place you planned is crucial if you want to really surprise them. Are you going to “meet a few friends?", going on a “casual Sunday stroll?” or just taking them for “a change of scenery.” Whatever it is, get your story straight and be confident with it, you don’t want the secret to slip at the very last hurdle.

We really hope that helps you to plan your perfect outdoor marriage proposal. If you need any further assistance we’d love to help plan your romantic outdoor proposal for you, all our contact details are below. If not, we wish you the best of luck and would love to hear how you get on! Send us a message on Instagram @theproposers to share your proposal story with us.

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