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Published on 19th March '21

"How much does a marriage proposal cost?" This is a question we get asked a lot. And for good reason, of course!

The price of a marriage proposal is unfortunately often underestimated so we feel it's important to show total transparency regarding our process of planning your proposal to assure you that every bit of your investment is worth it.


Before we start its important to mention that proposing to your loved one doesn't have to cost any money at all. If your partner would love to get engaged on your favourite walk, do it! Or maybe they love breakfast in bed? Get cooking their favourite breakfast and write marry me in the toast! But, if you want to add that personalised wow factor then keeping reading...

Here at The Proposers, each of our proposals are bespoke, meaning not one is the exact same which is reflected in our pricing too. What you require is personalised. For example, you might need a magician or a group of flash mob dancers which we have not listed but the key and most common components and pricing are listed below to give you a starting point when it comes to calculating your costs.

Location / Venue

Rarely are the locations free and they are arguably one of the most important parts of a proposal. Does this place mean a lot to you and your partner? You may want to hire out a whole space to ensure the moment is private and tourist free,  or often our clients want to whisk away their loved one and give them a 5* luxury experience to celebrate in style.

A five star venue with a view costs (on average) £500 +VAT.

Food and beverage

The average cost here is £250. If you are planning a picnic in a Park then of course this will not cost the same as a three course meal at the top of The Shard. We urge you to really think through your venue choice when considering your budget as a more expensive venue may come with further costs like these.

Hotel rooms

Most rooms in London cost between £350 to £1000 a night. This is a component to your proposal where you can minimise costs if you need and go for a lower end overnight stay (or not at all.) Equally you can really add in that wow factor here and indulge, spending extra money on somewhere with an exceptional location with great views and service to treat your partner.


A musician is a wonderful addition to a proposal (especially if you and your partner have a meaningful song you'd like to play) Live music really does add a wonderful atmosphere to your moment and can provide great entertainment whilst you enjoy your meal or simply relax and celebrating this big life moment. However, it's a cost that we kindly remind you to make room for in your budget. Musicians of this kind range between £100 to £300 as a rough estimate. 

Cameraman / Videographer

Capturing the moment is a must for most people. Wether you want that great Instagram picture or simply something lovely to cherish and remember the moment by you'll need a trusted camerman or videographer. We are in touch with some great talents who range between £150 to £400.


A cost that is very often overlooked is the decor. Decoration is what is going to bring the space you've chosen to life. It's an element that you can really personalise to you and your partner and put real thought into which our planners happily help you with. We recommend to our clients to put aside £500 for the decor. This price is going to differ fairly dramatically depending on the size of the space you have chosen.

Proposal Planner

This is of course an essential if you would like to plan your engagement with The Proposers. Our experienced proposal planners do a lot of work behind the scenes including sourcing suppliers to fit to your needs, ensuring everyone is organised and in the right place at the right time (vital, if it's a surprise!), event styling and a lot of post event duties such as chasing the photographs and film footage and tidying up after the event. The average price for this service is £500 but of course the nature of the proposal notably impacts the workload and therefore the price. 

Please note that these figures are the average prices that we have experienced with our clients over the years.


We hope that we have helped you to understand the costs that are involved in a planned marriage proposal and should be a useful resource to help you begin to plan your ultimate, personalised proposal and estimated costs that come with it.

Finally, we want to remind you that the budget you have for your moment is not a reflection on how special it can be. We have a team of experienced proposal planners who can help you create a wonderfully personal and meaningful moment for yourself and your partner whether your budget is on the smaller or larger scale.

Let us plan your proposal

We've planned over 3,000 marriage proposals with a 100% YES rate.

Speak to The Proposers today to start planning your perfect proposal. Contact us here for a free consultation with one of our expert proposal planners or come and visit us at our office on the 40th floor at The Shangri-La, The Shard London.


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