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Published on 2nd February '16

Valentine's Day is a busy time for us here at Proposers HQ. Last year we had 7 proposals on one day across multiple countries. Phew!

Proposing on the most romantic day of the year has a lot of perks. It can, however, also pose some challenges. How should you propose? You want to do something that's unique, but what can you actually do that's different?

Don't worry, as we are the number one proposal planners in the UK and Europe, we have a LOT of experience in this area and below we have listed some of our favourite Valentine's Day proposal ideas!

Proposing at home

If you are on a budget, or you want to propose somewhere a little more intimate, then popping the question at home could be perfect for you.

Even something as simple as scattering rose petals of your partner's favourite colour around the room or printing out photographs of you as a couple to create a 'love story' timeline of your relationship, will show your partner how much you care!

We offer a range of fantastic postbox proposals that can be delivered straight to your door! Whether you fancy proposing after a night of wine tasting or after eating your favourite pizza, we have you covered! We can even organise a movie night in with your partner where you can watch your own personalised romantic film before popping that all important question.

Proposing in public place

Before doing this you have to ask yourself whether your partner enjoys public displays of affection. If not, this probably isn't the best way for you to propose.

If so, what do you like to do as a couple? Is there a place that you always go to on Valentine's Day?

One idea could be to propose beside an iconic landmark with a busker serenading your partner to their favourite song.

Or, if you'd prefer, you can organise a huge flash-mob in the centre of the city and dance in it yourself.

Proposing somewhere unique

To make your Valentine's proposal extra special, the location and the personality of your partner are key.

If your fiancee likes caving, propose in a cave. Alternatively if they like the beach, propose there.

We've recently organised a a private laser light show proposal at a stately home, a speed boat proposal along the River Thames, a proposal in the walkways of Tower Bridge, and a private dinner in a cave, so nothing is impossible!

Proposing in a restaurant

If you decide to propose in a restaurant, you'll want to make sure that you don't propose in a way that's cheesy, and has been done 1000 times before. Instead of putting the ring in your partners champagne flute, (not only is it a massive cliche, it's also dangerous!), why not propose using a lovely ring box shaped cake that you can fit the ring into instead?

Or you could hire singing waiters to surprise your partner with their favourite song?

To make proposing in a restaurant slightly easier for you we have combined forces with Bookatable to provide the ultimate Valentine's dining packages, as listed below.

1. Room Decor:

If you would like to propose over dinner, and want it to be in a private setting, then room decoration is a brilliant way to show your 'someone special' how much you care. By tailoring the proposal to your partners likes, you can show them how much they mean to you on this special day. We can transform your partner's favourite restaurant to create the 'wow' factor that will leave them speechless.

2. Restaurant "Takeover":

If you want to propose in a spectacular fashion, then this package could be for you. Whether you take over an entire restaurant or just a section, this proposal is sure to make the scene you'll be hoping for.

3. Quirky:

Proposing in a restaurant can be daunting so we've come up with some quirky ideas to help you propose in unique and different way.

4. Open Mic Night:

This package allows you to enjoy a totally bespoke line up for you and your other half whilst you drink and dine before you get down on one knee!

If you've found this post helpful, take a look at our tutorial to find out more information on how organise the perfect romantic proposal this Valentine's Day and of course how to choose the perfect ring!

We are the UK and Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. We have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals all across the world, all with a 100% yes rate! If you have been inspired and would like our help to plan your own personalised proposal, then get in touch at or check out our website for more information Take a closer look at our Proposals to allow us to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your soon to be finance.


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