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Published on 8th September '17

When Gurpreet came to us to plan his dream proposal, he had no idea what he wanted to do... so we got to know his and his girlfriend, Jas's relationship to create the perfect, personalised proposal! After getting to know Gurpreet and Jas it became clear to us Jas is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, we thought this would be the perfect theme for their proposal...   We hired one of the private dining room in The Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard and completely transformed it with Harry Potter themed props and romantic decor! Being one of the most iconic venues in London and with the most spectacular views we knew this would be great.



Gurpreet told Jas that they were going for a drink at GONG Bar... little did she know that Gurpreet was actually getting ready to 'pop the question!'


While Gurpreet snuck off, one of our planners greeted Jas with a Harry Potter style letter... this letter was an invitation to a private dinner for two...

As Jas walked into the private dining room, she was completely surprised to see the most incredible Harry Potter themed decor and Gurpreet standing there waiting for her...

Gurpreet showed Jas all of the personalised gifts including the personalised Marauders Map with their lovely story and favourite memories on...

A personalised Harry Potter wand with Jas' name engraved onto it...

Love potions and flying notes...

Gurpreet then popped the question to their favourite song 'Do You Know' by Diljit Singh


Look at that beautiful ring!

Congratulations to our happy couple!

We are Europe’s and the UK’s leading Romantic Events and Proposal Planners, with over 1,700 proposals all with a 100% success rate, you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired by this proposal and would like help to plan your own, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information


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