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Published on 2nd December '16

Christmas is the most popular, and romantic time of year to propose, so it no wonder that Haydar approached us for help in order to create a magical, festive proposal for his girlfriend Ebru. Haydar knew that Ebru loves ice-skating so wanted to incorporate this into his proposal in some way. We couldn’t wait to help out with such a wonderful proposal idea and immediately contacted Alexandra Palace as we knew that not only did they have a fantastic ice-skating rink, but they also had a snow machine, which would add to the romance of the day.

We exclusively hired out the venue, as well as 40, (yes 40!), ice-skaters to perform a dance to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’On the day of the proposal, Haydar led Ebru onto the ice and they enjoyed half an hour of skating alone together before the dancers came out and began performing around the couple. A few of the younger dancers even surprised Ebru with beautiful long stemmed red roses (her favourite)

Ebru was shocked as the snow began to fall around them.

And even more so towards the end of the song when Haydar told her to turn around and she saw the dancers holding up signs saying, “Will you marry me?”

Ebru was thrilled when her to marry him, and she said YES!

The couple then celebrated with their friends.

Congratulations to the happy couple we wish them a life time of happiness! And here it is! Take a look at their beautiful ice-skating proposal. It is so sweet!

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