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Published on 14th June '16

What could be more of a fairy tale proposal than popping that all-important question in front of a stunning medieval castle you may ask? A Knight in Shining Armour upon a beautiful white steed of course! That is exactly what happened when the lovely Erik asked for our help with proposing to his gorgeous girlfriend Cynthia.

Erik told us that he and Cynthia were coming to Bruges for a holiday and whilst over there he wanted to ask her to marry him. He also told us that they both love medieval history so we thought where could be more perfect to propose than in front of the idyllic Tillegem Castle!

On the day of the proposal after visiting the castle, Erik and Cynthia took a romantic stroll around the grounds; whilst they were walking, to Cynthia’s shock and delight, a horse started galloping towards them!

As the horse got closer it began to slow and stopped next to the very confused Cynthia! But that wasn’t the only surprise we had up our sleeve! We had also created a medieval scrapbook of Erik & Cynthia’s memories, which our knight in shining armour then handed to Cynthia.

As she unwrapped the scrapbook she found an antique key. It wasn’t until she went through the scrapbook that she noticed that she was in her very own fairy tale story. On the last page we had written, ‘Can I have the key to your heart?’… Now it all made sense!

Erik got down on one knee and asked Cynthia to marry him. She of course, said yes!

The couple celebrated by taking beautiful photographs in the grounds of the castle.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We wish them all the best in the future.

The proposal was made even more special when Erik sent us this lovely message: "I just want to give you all a really humongous thank you for arranging my proposal!" It was fantastic and we couldn't be any happier!

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