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Published on 12th September '16

Mark and Paige were driving from England to Italy to attend a friends wedding. As the drive between countries was so long, Mark decided that he wanted to break up the journey with something spectacular… a proposal for Paige! Not knowing where, or how he could execute the proposal without Paige knowing, he enlisted our help.The drive from France to Italy is stunning. With views of the Alps and beautiful lakes to enjoy, we thought that it would be awful if we didn’t incorporate this beauty into the proposal in some way. We searched for the perfect outdoor spot and found the idyllic Cormet De Roseland.

On one of Mark and Paige’s first dates he had won a giant teddy for her, which she loves, and he wanted to include this memory into the proposal somehow. As the teddy is always in their home, he couldn’t risk sending it over to be part of the proposal, so instead we had a giant teddy shipped over from America to France to be part of the proposal instead.

Mark also told us that he wanted Paige to feel like a Princess so we hired two Royal thrones for them to sit on and enjoy the view after Mark had proposed. On the day of the proposal Mark drove Paige into the forest telling her that they were going for dinner. As they entered the forest they heard music playing and as they explored further they came across jars full of flowers and rose petals that had been strewn across the ground in front of them.

Above their heads there were beautiful birdcages that we had filled with flowers and strings of beads.

We had also arranged the ‘piece-de-résistance’ for them: a string quartet to serenade the couple with their favourite songs.

Mark led Paige to a spot in front of the beautiful lake, which was surrounded, by mountains, before getting down on one knee and asking Paige to marry him.

After presenting Paige with the most incredible ring. She of course said YES!

They celebrated by popping a bottle of bubbly and enjoying the beautiful scene around them.

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Mark and Paige absolutely loved their proposals and left us these kind messages.

Take a look at their beautiful proposal video here:

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