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Published on 10th March '16

Luis contacted us because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend in Dubai. As he was travelling over from Mexico, he needed a little help with the organisation of his elaborate proposal. That's where we came in! Our proposal expert in Dubai, Annie, set to work to create a truly Arabian experience for the couple and what could be a better way to say, 'I love you', than a camel ride in the desert to get a real feel for Arabia?

Once they'd mounted their knobbly kneed camels, they set out to the great Arabian desert and while out in the vast expanse of the dunes they saw the sun set. They then headed to the beautiful 5 star Bab al Shams desert resort, put their camels to bed and decided to pop for a drink at the rooftop terrace, Al Sarrab. Once at the terrace they were shown to a special part of the rooftop, which was reserved just for them. While approaching their table, Fabiola obviously realised what was happening, as she stopped in her tracks when she saw, 'MARRY ME?' spelt out in golden letters before her. Her suspicions were confirmed when Luis got down on bended knee and produced a beautiful engagement ring!

The stunned Fabiola was lost for words and after he whispered a few sweet nothings in her ear and the musician singing, Enrique Inglesias' 'Hero', she said YES!

There was a great cheer from the onlookers who were enjoying drinks on other parts of the terrace and the engagement was sealed with a kiss to wild applause.

Luis and Fabiola then sat down at their table which had been decorated with different coloured Gerberas (Fabiola's favourite) and enjoyed a few glasses of champagne, before being collected by a chauffeur and driven back to Dubai to go for a celebratory dinner.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We wish them all the best in the future! Quote from Luis: Thank you for everything!!!! The most amazing part was that she was completely surprised!!!! Every detail was incredible!!!!!! Thanks a lot! 

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