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Published on 2nd August '17

Derek and his beautiful girlfriend, Jane were travelling all the way from the United States to Edinburgh just for the weekend... how lucky are they! He wanted to give Jane the surprise of her life... He wanted to do something completely unique, in a spectacular place, so he took Jane to one of the most beautiful city in the world.

After finding out more about the couple, we created the perfect personalised proposal, and this is what happened... It all began when the couple went for a luxurious afternoon tea in one of Edinburgh's finest castles, after which they enjoyed a stroll around the beautiful area of Circus Lane... a rustic street, with breath-taking landscapes. They spotted an amazing cobbled street with the most stunning houses! As they walked down the street, they saw an old, vintage bench with purple balloons on it. Not only is purple Janes favourite colour, the balloons were also for her. They then heard a musician singing their favourite song, so naturally they walked over to the singer.

As the couple got closer, they noticed a present with 'Open Me' written on it...

As Derek and Jane sat down on the bench, intrigued to see what was in the box... It was a handmade scrapbook that we had made especially for the couple, with photos of their relationship over the years together, with quotes and thoughts written in Korean! I bet you're thinking... how on earth did we write in Korean, haha! Well luckily for us our intern, Jing, new just how to write perfectly in Korean. Underneath the scrapbook was an extra surprise... beautiful, purple cupcakes with the words 'Marry Me' written on them!


Look at how amazing her ring is!

Surely Jane couldn't eat all of those cupcakes after an afternoon tea...this would really shows her massive love for cake!

Derek requested that his dog was to be involved in their proposal... however it was too late to get him a passport so we had to improvise...

They then enjoyed a glass of Champagne and their personalised cupcakes, while being serenaded by the singer, before heading off to have a mini photoshoot in Edinburgh's finest areas.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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