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Published on 25th May '16

As a result of our amazing proposals, our clients love what we do, which is why in the past we have been asked to plan some of their weddings. That got us thinking, why not offer this service to all of our clients, so today we will be launching our new, (and very exciting), Wedding Service! This allows us to help all of our client’s, and any other brides and grooms to be, take the next step in their future lives together. Don't worry, we know that the full wedding planning package isn't for everyone, which is why we have three fantastic packages on offer for our clients! These are:

The All-inclusive Wedding Planning Package-

From the initial consultation, to finding out about the couple, to arranging the perfect florist and organising beautiful décor, we will be there for on the day-coordination and making sure that you have a have a stress free journey.

The On The Day Coordination Package-

Our Wedding Coordination service is designed for the couple who have already completed all their wedding plans, but still want a professional planner to execute these to make sure their wedding day runs smoothly.

The Creative Ideas Package-

We excel in creativity and personalisation, (if we do say so ourselves), so have designed a package for couples who may not want a planner, but still want original and imaginative ideas.

Asian Weddings

As 65% of our clients are from an Asian background, our Wedding Planner Gina, specialises in different faiths and religions, meaning that we able to all kinds of weddings.

There are plenty of other perks too! If you are engaged and are looking for a wedding planner that is full of creativity, or know of someone else who is planning their wedding, we would love to hear from you! Please contact or visit for more information.


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