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Published on 30th December '12

When Ryan contacted us about proposing to his girlfriend Emma we were thrilled. He knew he wanted a Xmas themed proposal which is why we immediately set about coming up with an amazing proposal idea for him. This is what happened:

Where the fun begins

Ryan and Emma arrived in London for a weekend from the Lake District. When they woke up on saturday morning in their hotel they were handed a map that told them their plans for the day. Emma was under the illusion that they were just heading to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but the map told her otherwise. The plan was to head to the Italian Gardens in Hyde Park and look out for a Christmas tree! 

Despite it being December, it was a beautiful winter's day and the couple arrived at the stunning Italian Gardens in Hyde Park. It was then that Ryan pointed out a lone Christmas tree and suggested they head over to take a closer look.

What Emma saw was a completely personalised christmas tree all about her relationship with Ryan. The tree was decorated in personalised photo baulbals of the couple:

Ryan wrote his "christmas wishes" on gorgeous wooden decorations which were placed amongst the branches of the tree. This was our favourite Christmas wish:

 At the bottom of the tree were four presents addressed to Emma. Inside each one was a custom made fortune cookie (she loves Chinese food apparently!) with a clue as to what the final present was.What was the final present? The Ring of course!

We also hired our fantastic soloist Emma who sung Christmas songs whilst the couple looked at the tree. And then, when Ryan got down on one knee, she sang "their song" which was Lionel Ritchie's "You are my destiny." Romantic or what? And here's how it all went:  The couple take in the tree and open the presents  Ryan pops the question.....  SHE SAYS YES!!!

Happy tears!

Check out the rock!!!

The happy couple celebrate with The Proposers

Everyone knows that Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and with that in mind, it's a great time to propose. Have a look at the video and see what happened:

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