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Published on 11th December '17

Mark contacted us all the way from the Netherlands to plan his perfect proposal! He told us that Christmas is Margot's favourite season of the year and that he wanted to make this years Christmas extra special...

After speaking with Mark and getting to know the couple's relationship better we had the most amazing proposal idea...

London is one of the most Christmassy cities during December and taking that into consideration, Mark decided to surprise Margot by taking her on a romantic gateway. Early in the morning, the couple headed to a cute and vibrant cafe set in the heart of London.

Whilst enjoying a healthy breakfast, Margot received her first surprise, a mysterious envelope with her name written on it... Inside was a romantic letter telling her how special she is to Mark, as well as the day full of surprises ahead.

Believing that she was going shopping, Mark took her to the 5th floor of Harrods where Margot was greeted by one of our planners who directed her to a luxury pampering session at Urban Retreat.

Unfortunately Urban Retreat is so exclusive that you're not allowed to take any photos inside.

And the surprises didn't stop there, after being completely pampered, Margot received another letter with the next surprise clue...

Mark then took Margot to the UK's biggest Christmas market... Winter Wonderland, where the happy couple enjoyed a skate around the the ice rink!

Before their skate came to an end, Margot was handed a beautifully wrapped present. This present was a gorgeous 3D engraved crystal rose and another note for her next surprise.

After all this excitement, Mark took Margot to Leicester Square Stall Market to meet the one and only... Santa Clause. Whilst meeting Mr Clause, to her surprise, Santa then handed Margot the last romantic note from Mark...

With a huge smile on her face, Margot left Santa's Grotto to enjoy the magic of the Christmas market.

Whilst walking around, Margot started receiving various personalised gifts from each market stall...

Margot absolutely loves HOT CHOCOLATE and as she approached one of the stands, she noticed a mug saying "Margot's Hot Chocolate" with her favourite beverage inside.

Enjoying her hot chocolate, Margot began to explore the Cookieland where she received a huge cookie with her name on it and the words 'I Love You' beautifully pipped onto it.

Before the last surprise of the day, our happy couple came across stand full of snow globes when suddenly she noticed one with her photo inside!

THE ALL IMPORTANT MOMENT: Margot and Mark began to walk towards a gorgeous Christmas Tree until Margot saw some unusual decorations...

The tree was full with her very own Christmas photo baubles, treasuring the couple's special memories.

Next to the tree was a beautifully wrapped box with Margots name on it.

Intrigued, Margot opened the box...

Out floats a stunning balloon saying "Will You Marry Me?"

Mark got on one knee and between tears of emotion and joy Margot SAID YES!!

Congratulations to this lovely couple!

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