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Published on 26th December '17

Kevin wanted to plan a proposal for Morayo themed around the most special and memorable locations in their relationship. So, we thought that a treasure hunt around London, with a little festive twist, would be the perfect day out for this wonderful couple!

This London adventure started with an exclusive Mercedes S Class which we had privately hired for the couple to be chaperoned around all day to each important location. First stop, the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington. Here, Morayo was surprised with her favourite cake, personalised with her name written onto it!



Once the couple had enjoyed a slice of the delicious cake, Morayo was given a numbered gift box and a single red rose. The gift box contained a mysterious lettered bauble and a handwritten clue about the next location that they would be heading to!


The lettered baubles play a starring role in this proposal; once all the baubles are received, a message will be revealed to unsuspecting Morayo…

The next stop of the day was The Royal Albert Hall, where Morayo was surprised by a busker playing her favourite song!

The couple enjoyed the performance at the base of a gorgeous Christmas Tree outside the iconic venue and Morayo received the second gift box and rose of the day, little did she know what these baubles would mean...

Hawksmoor, Piccadilly, was the next destination for our couple on their festive day out. Here, Morayo was surprised with a beautifully wrapped personalised padlock gift, to symbolise their commitment to each other, another rose and mysterious lettered bauble!

For an afternoon break, the couple were taken by the luxury car to Kevin’s flat to enjoy a hot chocolate before their romantic dinner. Whilst Morayo and Kevin were out of the flat, our Proposal Planners had snuck in (with Kevins permission of course!) and completely transformed the flat into a beautiful winter Regent’s Park picnic scene.

With a Regent’s Park street sign, soft blankets, flowers, foliage, hot chocolates, pillows and cushions; all glowing in candlelight. Waiting for Morayo was a further red rose, lettered bauble and personalised jigsaw of the location that they first met!

Once the couple had enjoyed their treats at the flat, it was time to head to the next destination; Gaucho in Hampstead. Here, Morayo was surprised with another red rose and bauble, as well as a personalised 'first’s print! The beautiful print included all their memorable dates together, when they first met, their first date and when their relationship became official. The lettered baubles were beginning to look like they might spell a message. However, our Proposal Planners had been very careful to only give Morayo letters that were contained within her name!

However, the surprises didn’t end there, finally the couple were whisked off by their exclusive car to The Ritz London where we had hired the ‘Music Room’ Private Dining Room.

As our happy couple entered the room, Morayo was completely surprised to see a beautifully transformed the room, covered in twinkling candles, vases, sparkling fairy lights and thousands of pink rose petals.

In the corner of the room was a large advent calendar structure. Here, Morayo received her final gift box and rose along with instructions on how to place the lettered baubles and boxes inside the calendar.

Once the baubles and boxes were in place, the mystery of the lettered baubles was revealed…

All of the letters spelled out ‘Will You Marry Me Morayo’! As Morayo placed the final bauble in place, Kevin was down on one knee ready to pop the all-important question.

Through tears of joy, Morayo said yes!

Look how stunning that ring is!

The happy couple then enjoyed an intimate meal, to celebrate their engagement, in the beautiful surroundings of the private dining room!

Congratulations to our lovely couple!

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