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Published on 25th October '17

Pritan had arranged a romantic trip to Vienna as a Christmas treat for his girlfriend Jalpa. He wanted to propose to Jalpa during their holiday, and needed our help to make the trip even more special.

Vienna is home to amazing Christmas markets, so we thought where could be more festive to propose at Christmas then at one of them? We got in touch with some of the stall holders who couldn't wait for to help us with such a romantic surprise.  On the day of the proposal Pritan took Jalpa to the market to shop for souvenirs for their family, little did she know what was really about to happen...

The first stall they went to was full of snow-globes. One of these snow-globes particularly stood out to Jalpa because it had a red base where the rest of the snow globes had a black base. When she looked closer Jalpa noticed that the globe contained a photo of herself and Pritan. In complete surprise Jalpa looked to Pritan to find out what was going on! So Jalpa wasn't suspicious he told her that this was a Christmas treat... so the couple carried on to the next stall

The second stall was full of delicious looking gingerbread. It was here that the couple found a heart shaped gingerbread which said, "Iche Liebe Dich" which means "I love you" in German. There was also a tag attached which read, 'For Jalpa, My heart is full of the love I have for you. Pritan."

Jalpa was thrilled and when she moved onto the next stall, which was full of intricate wooden tree decorations... Jalpa noticed a beautifully wrapped gift on top of the decorations...

This box had a tag attached to it which said "For Jalpa, Alike to how these two have found their soul mate, I think I've found mine. Pritan."

As Jalpa unwrapped the present a decoration of two penguins and a baby chick was revealed. This was to symbolise of what was to come in their future life together.

Jalpa loved the gift, and still couldn't quite believe what was happening. Especially when the couple moved onto the next stall and Jalpa received yet another gift! A small black VW car to reflect their first date.

There was a tag attached to the wrapped VW Car that said, "I will always be there to take you where you need to go. Pritan.”

At the next stall Jalpa was surprised once again. When admiring the tree decorations she spotted another gift wrapped up in purple paper with her name on it.

Reading the tag she saw the words, "For Jalpa, to symbolise this trip and all our future adventures to come. Pritan" When she unwrapped the gift the she saw a cute suitcase tree decoration.

For the final gift we had arranged for Jalpa to receive a ceramic house. Along with the house there was a note saying, "For Jalpa, as one day, I dream of owning one of these with you. Pritan"

That's when Pritan lead Jalpa to the giant Christmas tree in centre of the market. He got down on one knee and asked her those 4 important words...

"Will You Marry Me?"

Jalpa, of course said "YES!" (After a proposal like that who wouldn't!)

Congratulations to such a wonderful couple! It was lovely to work with Pritan and we couldn't think of a nicer Christmas story!

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