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Published on 22nd January '15

When your girlfriend loves to go caving in her spare time, then wouldn't it be perfect to arrange her proposal in a cave?

Well this happened, and it made all her dreams come true and more with this truly incredible and meaningful cave proposal.

YES, we had to slide into the cave via this tiny hole under the lid....AND with all this equipment in the pitch black!!!  We literally had to crawl through rocks, mud, streams in the dark

Daisy setting-up a table for two complete with champagne and chocolates

Hundreds of candles made the whole cave glow

We found the perfect cave with a stream going through the middle

Daisy looking happy with her work

Meanwhile the couple are caving through the Lake district caves...


Worth it just to see this...

She crawls first to see the most beautiful and certainly unexpected scene EVER!



HUGE Congratulations to an amazing couple and their truly unique proposal.

James said:

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help and support. You helped to make it an absolutely perfect day - it all went seamlessly and was better than I could have imagined and it was all down to you, so thanks so much! We're both so happy and will never forget the day. I will be sure the recommend your services to my friends!'

A BIG BIG thank you to the wonderful Dave and Eileen from Adventure Makers whom without, this proposal wouldn't have been possible.

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You're amazing.

Team pic in the pouring rain



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