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Published on 23rd December '12

Arrange a marriage proposal for someone who is already married? Yup, this was our task when we were contacted by Nirmal in October. His marriage to Bhavesha had actually been an arranged marriage, and, as such he had never got the chance to propose. Which is why he contacted The Proposers, knowing full well we would be able to help.

So, the Brighton Beach Hut Proposal was born.

Nirmal explained that Bhavesha loved Brighton and the sea so it was an obvious choice for the location. The Proposers designed a personalised sign that was hung on one of the beach hut doors for Bhavesha to find. The hut was then filled with personalised roses, a poem book with poems Nirmal had written himself (!) and a gorgeous engagement ring hidden inside a vintage birdcage! Here's what happened: 

The Proposers created this gorgeous poem book filled with photos of the couple and the poems Nirmal had written for Bhavesha.

We filled the beach hut with flowers and "promises" Nirmal had written for his wife.

With the weather outside being so horrendous, we wanted to turn the beach hut into a cozy oasis, filled with candles, pine cones and even a bit of fake snow!

The Proposers even managed to get photos of the couple embossed onto rose petals.

There were signs everywhere telling Bhavesha how much Nirmal loved her

Thes gorgeous roses (thank you printedrosesuk!) were embossed with romantic promises

The couple eventually arrived. Bhavesha didn't have a clue what was about to happen. As far as she knew, they were just going for a walk along the beachfront.

Then she spots the sign with her name on and goes inside!

And this is the moment Nirmal got down on one knee to propose! How happy does she look?

The couple then celebrated with champagne. We also arranged for their family to turn up and surprise them, complete with platters of delicious Indian food.

And here are The Proposers with Nirmal, Bhavesha and their family. Talk about a special proposal!

We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Nirmal said:"Girls you were incredible! The proposal was completely perfect. I loved the way you made everything so personal to Bhavesha and me. It was great working with you both, and sadly (and hopefully!?!?) I will never need to use you again!!"

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