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Published on 23rd May '18

So many of our clients from The US and especially NYC have asked us “Where should I propose - London or New York?”and we understand the predicament as we’re not just the leading proposal planner company in The UK and Europe, we have also planned many, many proposals and romantic events in The US of A. New York City is a favourite city with many of our proposal planners, one of our event planners even lived there for 3 years, so we know first hand of the appeal of the city. But we will always love a London Proposal, being London-girls you might think we are bias but there is something magical and romantic about London not often found in other cities.

However, we have put our city to the ultimate test against NYC, to find the perfect place for a marriage proposal.

Continue reading to find out which city is the winner.

Tower Bridge vs. Brooklyn Bridge

Both really iconic bridges with a long history and a symbolic status of connecting one side to the other, or one family to the other. Bridges are always a popular choice for a marriage proposal.

The Brooklyn Bridge offers views of the mesmerizing NYC skyline and the east river, all the makings for an impressive engagement photo and a romantic proposal.

Whilst The Tower Bridge offers panoramic views of the city of London, with all the famous landmarks just a stones throw away. As Tower Bridge is located in the heart of the city your proposal will include all of London as well as the love between you and your partner.

Winner: London

Hyde Park vs. Central Park

An intimate picnic or a large scale flash mob, whatever you choose a proposal in one of the world famous parks are guaranteed to be a success.

Central Park has been made famous again and again by Hollywood movies and TV-shows. This is probably the world’s most famous park and it has many options when it comes to your proposal.By the famous Bethesda Fountain or on the ever classic Bow Bridge. Perhaps you are feeling for a more adventurous proposaland head out in a boat on the pond by the boathouse or if you prefer a more intimate setting there are many hidden spots located around the park for you and your loved one to enjoy.

Hyde Park if Central Park is the world’s most famous park then Hyde Park will qualify as the world’s second most famous park. It too offers countless options for a romantic or spectacularmarriage proposal. Here you can drop down on one knee by the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial or go horseback riding as part of an adventures outing in London. Not to forget, it is one of London’s eight royal parks, perfect for a princess worthy proposal.

Winner: Central Park

The Shard vs. Empire State Building

A proposal at the top of the world this is what you will get with both of these options. Looking out over the iconic city of your choice and then deep into your partner’s eyes, followed by you dropping down on one knee to ask those four important words.

The Shard - From being ground level at The Shard to being 306 metres up in the sky at the tip, The Shard has everything to offer from a public viewing platform to hundreds of offices, a 5* hotel with breath-taking views, 4 luxury restaurants, a gym & spa... and even apartments where people can actually live!

The Empire State Building – yes it’s utterly famous, yes it’s tall, yes it has the views but this iconic building only offers office space & 2 public viewing platforms... We think it is pretty clear!

Winner: London

The London Eye vs... Blank?

A super unique and quirky proposal spot to actually say that you have got engaged in a capsule with incredible views across a city

The London Eye– the iconic giant 135 metre tall Ferris wheel on the South Bank along the famous River Thames. Our marriage proposal planners are experts at helping you popping the question at this location. Not only are you going on one of the worlds most famous Ferris wheels, you are given panoramic views of London! At The Proposers we make sure everything is a complete surprise to your partner. We disguise our proposal planners, photographer and any potential entertainment to seem like any other tourist boarding the capsule, so your partner has no suspicion what so ever. Whilst you are enjoying the views of all the iconic landmarks, your partner will be amazed when you drop down on one knee to ask her to marry you.

Blank - Now, what does NYC have to compare to The London Eye... unless you would like to propose in Coney Island amusement park on their 45.7 metre tall Ferris wheel I think we have a clear winner...

Conclusion? When in doubt, always propose in LONDON.

Credit: Pinterest, iCanvas, Tower Bridge, The Royal Parks, My Late Night Notepad, Visit London, New York Post, Merco Press, My Little Adventure, Entretenimento.r7

We are the UK & Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners. We have planned over 1,700 marriage proposals, all with a 100% success rate, so you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired our London VS New York comparison and would like our help to plan your own personalised proposal, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information


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