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Published on 6th July '16

Steven wanted to propose to his boyfriend Graeme in a unique and meaningful way so came to us for help. He wanted to propose in a beautiful garden somewhere, and we knew just the place- the stunning Pergola at Hampstead Heath. Steven and Graeme love watching theatre shows together so we thought what better way to incorporate this into the proposal than by hiring a West End singer to perform for them. He also wanted his family to be involved so we all decided that after the proposal they should go for a meal at a lovely restaurant in Hampstead village.

On the day of the proposal Steven and Graeme arrived at The Pergola and took a stroll through the wonderful gardens. When they reached an avenue full of wisteria, Graeme was shocked to see that there were Polaroid photos taken during his and Steven’s relationship, hanging off the wisteria.

They slowly made their way down the avenue so that Graeme could take in each photo one at a time.

As they reached the end they came across a gorgeous wreath, which had a beautifully written note inside saying, ‘Graeme, a surprise awaits you!’

They made their way through a secret doorway and once again Graeme was surprised that a romantic table for two had been set up for them to sit at, but that was not the only surprise that awaiting them!

Disguised as a waitress our secret singer came into the room and offered the couple a drink.

She then came back with a cloche, under which was a delicious chocolate tart. This wasn’t any tart though! It was the same kind as they had had on their first date, from Alyn Williams restaurant at The Westbury!

After they finished eating our 'waitress' came back for the final time. However instead of offering them something else to eat, she began singing instead! It was Graeme’s favourite song, ‘I dreamed a dream’ from Les Miserables.

Graeme was thrilled to hear this, and even more so when during the song our secret singer removed the lid of the cloche to reveal a gorgeous Tiffany's ring box!

Steven took the box from the cloche and got down on one knee to ask Graeme to marry him, and HE SAID YES!

It was so romantic! Steven then led Graeme outside onto a balcony where his friends and family were waiting below to congratulate them on their engagement.

They all celebrated together with champagne.

But we still had one more surprise up our sleeve and had beautifully decorated the restaurant for the meal with candles, moss, wooden logs, personalised balloons, and a tree that guests could hang personalised messages off of.

The couple were absolutely thrilled with the day and Steven sent us this lovely message: "The most wonderful day !! Thank you - that is all we can say, thank you!! Graeme was all a bit speechless, he loved every minute. He said yes, well in fact he said "of course"!! Time now for deep breaths :-)"

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