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Published on 26th January '16

Ali contacted us with 48 hours to go before his proposal to his stunning girlfriend Yasmina. The couple are from Lebanon and whilst Yasmina had come over to visit friends in London, Ali had stayed at home to work, or so she thought! The couples favourite song is Etta James, 'At Last', so we knew that we had to incorporate this into the proposal in some way. That's why we hired a couple of the fantastic violinists from the group, Siren, and the amazing singer, Hazel Sim, to play it for them.

Ali knew that Yasmina's friends would be taking her to Winter Wonderland on the day he intended to propose and having never been there before he thought that it would be the ideal location to propose at Christmas. However, we weren't sure that he would like it as much when he heard how noisy it was, so we came up with a back up plan, just in case! On the day of the proposal we met Ali and his friend in Winter Wonderland, as predicted he decided that Winter Wonderland would be too loud for his proposal, so it was The Proposers to the rescue! We had managed to find a lovely spot next to a beautiful fountain just outside Winter Wonderland for him to propose by.

We walked Ali and his friend to the fountain where the musicians were already setting up. After a run through of the song Ali's friend went off to meet Yasmina and her friends to try and subtly entice her to the fountain. As he did this, Ali went to hide. 

As Yasmina and her friends approached the fountain the singers began to play. Yasmina was astounded to hear that it was her and Ali's song. We couldn't have planned it any better ourselves when she started to film them on her phone to send to him back in Lebanon! 

As she was doing this she was oblivious to the fact that Ali had snuck up behind her and was ready waiting on one knee for the song to end. As Yasmina turned around she was so shocked to see Ali knelt there with a ring in his hand that she burst out crying with happiness. It was such a romantic moment and it's no surprise that she said, 'Yes!' Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them all the best in the future! Take a look at their beautiful proposal here:

After the proposal Ali left us a lovely review, "Wizards!!! No matter how hard or crazy your demands are, they will make it happen. I called them 48 hours before I proposed and they pulled off the impossible!"

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Eight Ray Music, Hazel Sim and Siren for showcasing their amazing talents for this proposal! If you would like any help planning your own incredible proposal let us know. We have created over 1700 proposals. From cats dressed as waiters, to abseiling into caves to hiring James bond speedboat nothing is impossible. 


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