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Published on 13th August '15

Faizel got in touch with us because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Pelin, and wanted to incorporate her favourite thing in the whole world: their adorable puppy!! Of course, we were very eager to include him, and we decided to make him the main event. We organised a gorgeous private room in a beautiful old building, decorated with fairy lights, candles, and hundreds of pink rose petals... the perfect intimate surrounding!

But thats not all! Apart from her lovely dog, we wanted to include her favourite song, the wonderfully romantic All of Me by John Legend. Pelin wasn't sure what to expect as she entered the building and found adorable handmade paw prints leading the way to the beautiful room...

She was led by a trail of more paw prints to the rose petals and candles where Faizel was waiting nervously! As she approached him with a pianist sitting at a regal grand piano playing her favourite song in the background, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

She of course said YES, and they couldn't stop kissing and hugging each other! The only thing that could pull her away was the arrival of her beloved puppy running towards them with a sign around his neck saying Marry Me.... how cute is that?!

The happy family were delighted by the end of the amazing event, and we had so much fun with it! Congratulations!!

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