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Published on 29th May '13

When Eugene flew all the way from Malaysia to Paris on a surprise holiday for his girlfriend Christine, we knew this proposal was bound to be fantastic.

Eugene knew Paris was the perfect place for a proposal but had no idea where to start so he called us in to plan his dream proposal!!

We did not disappoint - we love Paris so we knew all the right spots to create a beautiful moment for Eugene and Christine.

Eugene and Christine.

We caught the Eurostar to Paris and headed straight to our proposal location...Lovers Lock Bridge!

Which has an absolutely stunning backdrop of the Notre Dame. For those of you who don't know, Lovers Lock Bridge is a bridge filled with padlocks which people have imprinted name and dates into as a declaration of love. Once the padlock is attached to the bridge, the couple throw the key into the river, never to be found; the love never to be undone (yes, it's as romantic as it sounds).

Eugene had told us that Christine loved the French film Amelie, so we recreate a famous scene from the film on the bridge.

As the couple walked along the embankment in Paris The Proposers held up signs, guiding them where to go We also hired a Parisian singer and guitarist, to serenade the couple with 'Over the Rainbow' - the couples favourite song!

Parisian singer and guitarist serenading Eugene and Christine.

The Proposers guiding the way on Lovers Lock Bridge with a beautiful backdrop of Paris.

At this point, Proposal Planner Daisy, walked over with a present for Christie; a gorgeous phonebook full of memories of their life together.

The final page was missing…our second Proposal Planner, Linda, hands Christine an envelope, and she opens it to find a photogaph of Eugene, which gives him the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

Flicking through the photobook.

Saying those four famous words!!

And of course she said yes!!!

You can watch the whole thing on video here!

We're so happy to let you all know that these guys are now happily married. Massive congratulations, we are very happy for you, thank you for letting us be a part of this special moment.

Congratulations Eugene and Christine.

Eugene said, "I knew nothing about Paris other than that it was romantic, you took all the stress away from planning this so I could enjoy my holiday. Thank you so much."

We've planned over 1700 proposals created flashmobs in Times Square, abseiled into caves to set up candlelit picnics, scuba dived with marry me signs and even had cats delivering the ring..anything is possible!! Not to mention our 100% She Said Yes success rate!! So don't forget if you loved any of these proposals and want to get in touch with one of our expert Romance & Proposal Planners to help plan your big moment drop us an email at


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