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Published on 20th June '16

A proposal is such a special moment in any couples life as it is the start of their journey towards their future lives together. Gone are the days when getting down on one knee and asking your girlfriend or boyfriend to marry you was enough. Today marriage proposals are a lot more personalised, and that’s where we come in. By helping men, (and women), arrange a stunning and unique proposal for their partner. If you’re thinking about popping that all important question, here is our guide to making sure that your special moment runs as smoothly as possible.

What should I consider before proposing?

Is your partner traditional?

Although times have moved on, it is still a nice sentiment to get your future spouses parents on board by asking their permission first. It may seem outdated, but we're sure that your partner will appreciate it.  

The Ring

Before settling on the perfect ring there is so much to consider. We have combined forces with family run diamond jewellers Purely Diamonds, not only to give our clients an amazing discount, but also to teach them about what they should look for when buying a ring. If your partner is a girly girl you should go for a princess, or heart cut ring design. If they prefer a vintage design an emerald, or asscher cut ring is brilliant. If you would like to stick with something a little more traditional, a round brilliant cut diamond solitaire makes the perfect ring. Here's what you should look for when finding your engagement ring:

What sort of proposal should I have?

This is simple, you should tailor your proposal to your partner and it will be perfect. If your partner loves rainbow roses, make sure they’re present. If their favourite song is John Legend’s, ‘All of Me,’ make sure it is playing in the background. Or print out cute little pictures that you have taken together up until this moment, and put them in pretty frames of your partner’s favourite colour. It’s the little touches that might not seem like anything to you, which will make the proposal that much more special to them.

If you think that your partner would like a proposal that is big and flashy, getting someone to perform your partners favourite song is always a great way to do this.

If you think that they'd prefer something more intimate you can hire out a stunning venue, which you can then decorate beautifully, and have a private meal for two in.

Where should my proposal take place?

Before proposing you should make sure that the location is epic! The location will be part of your proposal story after all, plus you’ll want a great backdrop for photos!

One of the most popular places to propose in London is The Shard. Why wouldn’t it be? The view is incredible! Every city has it’s own unique landmark or venue that would make the perfect location for your proposal. You just need to find it!

Alternatively, you can take your proposal across the seas to warmer, (and colder!) climates. Proposing on a beach at dusk as the waves crash beside you is such a romantic idea. As is proposing under the Northern Lights. From Iceland to Zanzibar we have planned proposals all over the world, and even have our own branches in Dubai and India! So if you're looking to propose abroad we have plenty of great ideas.

Should my proposal be public or private?

This, again, depends on your partner. If they are someone that loves PDA’s (public display’s of affection), then a huge display of your love in the middle of a public place will be the perfect proposal for them. If, however, they are more reserved, a flash mob proposal in the centre of Trafalgar Square might not go down so well.

You should do something more low-key and intimate instead! As we said before you can hire out a beautiful venue and decorate it, or hire a private pod in the London Eye so that you have stunning views when asking that all-important question.

Some of our beautiful proposals

Over the years we have created some weird, wonderful and downright romantic proposals, each as creative and special as the last. Over the past four years we have dressed cats up as waiters and dogs as Disney characters, abseiled into caves, created flash mobs in major tourist attractions and beautifully decorated multiple stunning venues across London, the UK and the rest of the world.

To give you a better idea about the types of proposals you can come up with, here are a range of some of our favourite proposals that we have created. WARNING: You may need some tissues at the ready!

If you have been inspired by this post and would like help planning your own unique and romantic proposal contact us at or visit We have planned over 1700 proposals so you are in safe hands with us! 


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