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Published on 29th November '17

When Freddie contacted us to plan his dream proposal, he explained how he wanted to portray his relationship with Corinne in the most suitable way possible... After speaking with Freddie and getting to know the couple's relationship a little better we came up with the most incredible idea!

Freddie wanted a venue in central London that was private and had similar intimate feels of a cathedral or church. We had the perfect place... in the heart of Oxford Circus is this beautiful hidden gem... Fitzrovia Chapel. To start Freddie and Corinne's proposal journey, we start at the beginning of their relationship where they first met the in Covent Garden in London. Since then, our couple fell deeply in love and have travelled all around the world together!

We created collages of the memories from travelling all over the world together, starting at the first destination Covent Garden, then all the way too Mexico, Italy, China and Indonesia. To add that extra bit of a personalised touch we added themed props relating to each country! So she didn't expect a thing, Freddie told Corinne to get all dressed up as he was taking her for a romantic dinner... As they arrived at Fitzrovia Chapel, she was completely surprised to see all of her favourite memories in one place!


As they approached each country, traditional music was played to take them back to that happy memory!

Freddie mentioned to us that he was to 'have the most EPIC ending to his proposal'... at the end of the chapel, covered in gold velvet cloth was the all important surprise...

Freddie then removed the cloth to revel the life-size letters which said 'Marry Me' underneath!

As Freddie 'popped that all important question' her favourite song then began to play in the background Ed Sheeran - 'Thinking Out Loud'.


How epic is that ring shot!

Congratulationsto our newly engaged couple!

We are Europe’s and the UK’s leading Romantic Events and Proposal Planners, with over 1,700 proposals all with a 100% success rate, you will be in safe hands with us. If you have been inspired by this All Around The World Themed Proposal at Fitzrovia Chapel and you would like our help to plan your own proposal, then get in touch on or check out our website for more information


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