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Published on 18th September '15

Mitchell came to us for help with proposing to his lovely girlfriend Kelly, and he had a little helper... their adorable son! The couple had come to London for the weekend towards the end of the summer and they chose an ideal day for soaking up the last of the summer sun.  Mitchell wanted an intimate proposal in London that still guaranteed beautiful surroundings, so a private speedboat trip down the Thames with a little surprise thrown in seemed perfect. The family arrived at the iconic Chelsea Marina for what Kelly thought would be a family sightseeing trip down the river.

With the glamorous buildings and apartments surrounding the harbour and the beautiful weather that we had been graced with, it was the ideal scenario for a proposal! The boat left the dock and began to make its way down the river, and after a few minutes Kelly noticed something strange.... the boat was turning around and going the other way! It approached the area of the marina where the boat had originally been docked, and it slowed down to reveal some Proposers holding up huge signs reading "Marry Me Kelly?"

Kelly couldn't believe it and she cried with happiness! Mitchell presented her with the beautiful ring and of course she said yes.

The lovely family celebrated by spending the rest of the afternoon on the luxurious speedboat and taking in the amazing views of Central London. It couldn't have been anymore perfect!

They wrapped up the weekend by staying in the iconic Wyndham Grand Hotel right on Chelsea Harbour. A great end to a great day...we wish them all the best!

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