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Published on 16th September '21

Imagine walking through a beautiful central London park, hand in hand with the love of your life. The leaves on the trees are in an array of colours from summer green to crisp orange, a warm autumn breeze is sweeping through the park, rays of sunlight are beaming through the trees, birds singing in the distance. It’s a picture-perfect early autumn evening!

You stumble across a park bench, made for two people in love where you take a seat, a musician appears as out of nowhere, playing “your” song on the violin. You take a deep breath and just as you are about to take the diamond ring out of your pocket and ask those 4 all-important words, the sky gets dark and a drop of rain falls on your head…The violinist abruptly stops playing and heads off – string instruments and rain do not mix! The warm breeze turns cold and the sky opens up, rain starts pouring down and without an umbrella, your once so romantic setting has suddenly gone and turn into a wet mess. What a disaster!

Now imagine the same setup, the warm beams of sunlight, the violin playing, the perfect love seat made for two, birds singing and flowers in bloom surrounding you, just like a perfect romantic move but you are indoors. Yes, indoors! Our proposals planners can do a lot of things, but one thing we are yet to master is controlling the weather. So in the meantime, we have created the perfect outdoor summer garden but with a weather-safe twist.

On the 34th floor at the Shangri-La Hotel, our team of planners can transform a seemingly plain room into a romantic garden. It’s the perfect setting for those wishing to propose outdoors but who are not willing to risk the weather. As an added bonus it is also completely private. (No need to pop the question in front of nosy strangers). Our team of planners will work with you to create the romantic garden set up to make it personalised to you and your partner.

This is the perfect proposal package for those wishing to hold on to summer a bit longer, or for those who wish to re-visit summer in the mid of winter, as we can create this set up all year. Get in touch with our planners today to start planning your proposal.

If you have been inspired and would like our help to plan your own personalised proposal, then get in touch at or check out our website for more information Take a closer look at our Proposals to allow us to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your soon to be fiancé.


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