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Published on 11th February '15

Markus was flying to London from Germany for a romantic holiday with his girlfriend Angi...

....and wanted to make the trip something they would both never got in touch with us to help him plan the most romantic and memorable proposal!

He knew he wanted to take advantage of our beautiful city and propose in an iconic London location, so we got to work organising a singing flashmob in their very own private pod on the London Eye!

However when we turned up ready to go we were told the Eye had closed due to bad weather! was time for The Proposers to get into action!!!

After a short panic we ran around central London trying to find an indoor venue (as it was so windy) that would let us host our flashmob proposal!

We managed to find the most gorgeous hotel with a huge 70ft window overlooking Parliament and Big Ben - we had even managed to still fill Marcus' dream of proposing against the backdrop of the amazing London sights!

Our amazing singers just before their big moment!

We got into the warm and the singers quickly rehearsed and got ready for Markus and Angi's entrance (who had no idea what was about to happen!!)

Watch their amazing proposal here...

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