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Published on 11th September '15

Adrian came to us for help with proposing to his girlfriend Sheryl. He knew he wanted to pop the question in a unique way in a place that's special to them.He had told us that Maltby Market in Central London is a special place for them, as they often go together and always have a great time! They love how busy and bustling it is, and how it is such a hub of activity with amazing food and drink.

Clearly, this would be perfect for a proposal. Unfortunately however, we quickly realised that it would be far too loud and busy to have a lovely proposal in the market itself. Adrian told us about a charming brewery very close to the market that the pair loved going to for drinks, and we decided that would be a far better option! On the day of the proposal, the couple, as they usually did, walked around Maltby market and soaked in the atmosphere, until Adrian suggested going for a drink at Kernel Brewery. As they approached it, there was something out of the ordinary...

We arranged for a very talented singer from the West End to sit outside the brewery and serenade Sheryl with her favourite song, 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran! Not only this, but there was a wrapped gift next to him with Sheryl's name on it!! 

When she saw it, Sheryl was extremely surprised and excited to open the gift and see what it could possibly be. With the beautiful song playing and people gathering to watch, she tore off the wrapping and huge balloon reading 'Marry Me?' popped out!

She laughed and cried, as Adrian presented her with the beautiful engagement ring, and asked for her hand in marriage... and of course she said yes! Not only this, but Adrian gave Sheryl a framed collage that we made of their past, present and future together, filled with photos and notes. You may have also guessed that the theme for this proposal was her favourite colour, blue.

Sheryl was overwhelmed and delighted with the proposal and her gifts, and the two couldn't stop smiling and hugging! What a lovely couple, we wish them all the best!

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