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Published on 24th August '15

Cheyne came to us to organise a very special proposal for his girlfriend Amalia in London. We decided that the way to have the most romantic and intimate proposal possible was to find a “secret” garden... and what better place than the iconic Hampstead Heath? Hampstead Heath has lots of secluded hidden gems within it, and we chose the beautiful and Edwardian Pergola and Hill gardens.

 Breathtaking! When the day came, everything was ready and perfect, except for one small detail... in classic British fashion, it poured with rain all day! Not to worry though- The Proposers always have a Plan B! Not even the rain can dampen our spirits, and we were even more determined to make an unforgettable proposal.

Not even the rain can stop us! Our original plan was to have the couple walk through the gardens and find little love notes from Cheyne that would lead Amalia to the grand reveal of his proposal. However, with the unexpected rain, we made the occasion even more special and handed them to the unsuspecting Amalia ourselves with beautiful roses.

With the lovely roses The rain forced us to look for a secluded area for the great reveal... and luckily there was a beautiful secluded roofed path that was ideal for Amalia to conveniently find a big present with her name on it!

The moment he got down on one knee! Amalia was so surprised as they approached the gift, and even more so when she saw that it was for her! As she excitedly opened it, a big balloon popped out with Marry Me? on it... and before she knew what was going on, Cheyne was down on one knee and popping the question!

Of course she will! She of course said yes when presented with the stunning ring, and probably didn't even notice it was raining for the rest of the day! What a lovely couple, we wish them all the best.

The beautiful ring


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