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Published on 6th November '13

When Darren contacted us about his proposal to his girlfriend (and mother to his daughter) we knew we had to arrange something completely spectacular for him. One of the main things Darren was adamant about, was that he wanted the perfect proposal venue - which is why we found this stunning secret garden in one of London's famous parks. This is what happened at our "Secret Garden Proposal."  The Proposers found a stunning, elegant outdoor venue for Darren

As Darren and Li walked through the park they were handed presents by complete strangers. One of the presents were pair of trainers for their daughter with her name stitched into the side. 

Each present was relevant to a time of their relationship. There was the "Past" present ( a bouquet of flowers that were replicas of the ones Darren had given Li on their first date), a "Present" present (a pair of pink baseball boots for their little girl who was with them on the day) and a "future" present (the ring of course!) 

As they neared the proposal spot, something fabulous happened... A singer started to sing their favorite song and handed them a very important picture frame 

A stunning proposal spot  Li was shocked when she saw what was in the frame... 

Inside the frame were the words "Will You Marry me" and a gorgeous engagement ring Congratulations Darren and Li!

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