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Published on 4th September '15

Viren came to us for help with proposing to his girlfriend, and he knew that he wanted to make it very special, with a stunning beach as the backdrop for popping the question. Our challenge was to find a gorgeous beach right here in the UK that would transport her to a tropical paradise... Luckily for us, we managed to find Barafundle beach in Wales that had been named the most beautiful beach in the world by Lonely Planet! Gorgeous beach! It was certainly the perfect place for a beach proposal.... but that doesn't mean it was easy! A large part of the beaches' appeal was how isolated and intimate it is. Unfortunately, that meant that we had to arrive with our masses of props and walk for miles to find the entrance to the beach, and even once we arrived our next challenge was the steep stairs leading down from the cliff edge to the sand.

We set up loads of these love notes written by Viren We were very lucky though, because by the time we arrived to set up the proposal, the beach was completely empty. Perfect for an intimate and romantic proposal! We set up a marquee in the middle of the beach and set out pillows, blankets and fairy lights. There were adorable love notes with candles scattered all around the area, and of course some champagne ready for them to celebrate with.

All ready! It looked so romantic and secluded, and we couldn't wait for the couple to arrive, and that was when we were presented with our next challenge... there was no signal on the beach or in the surrounding areas!! We just hoped that the couple wouldn't arrive too early and that they'd found their way! Luckily, as were hiding away from the marquee, they arrived! The lucky lady couldn't believe that this gorgeous set up in the middle of the empty beach was all especially for her, and she just loved all of the love notes Viren had written for her.

Popping the question! She was even more overwhelmed when Viren got down on one knee and presented the most stunning engagement ring! They were so happy as they settled down to enjoy the sunset with the celebratory bubbly. Congratulations to the lovely couple!

The lovely couple

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