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Published on 29th March '15

So some have called our founder Daisy the 'Queen of Romance'...and on Valentine's Day she might have just lived up to her title!!

Not only did she help to plan SIX proposals on one day but she still found time to take her husband out to celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

She took him straight from our proposal at the Shard to a chocolate making class at Hotel Chocolat

 Look at all that Chocolate!

They were even given pink champs especially for V Day!


Mixing the ingredients...

...Daisy's turn!

After this was the biggest surprise of all….Daisy had arranged to have his name in lights at Piccadilly Circus!!

Waiting for it to come on screen amongst the tourists!

The Valentine's message!

Not many people can say they've had their picture in lights at Piccadilly Circus but Daisy managed to pull off this amazing surprise!!

Henry loved it and he had a nice memory he can frame forever!

So if you're looking to propose or do any kind of romantic gesture (big or small!) for your partner get in touch with The Proposers and we can make ANYTHING happen for you.

Speak to one of our expert Romance & Proposal Planners at


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