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Published on 18th January '16

In December we helped one lovely couple have a particularly magical Christmas! Eduardo had travelled over from Mexico to London in order to create a bespoke and romantic proposal for his long-term girlfriend Paulina.  Eduardo wanted to show Paulina how much he loved her, and had very specific ideas about how he could do this. However, not being from London meant that he needed some help to make his ultimate proposal a reality. That's where we came in. First of all we had to find the perfect location for Eduardo to propose. He wanted somewhere festive and we knew just the place, at the Christmas market outside the Tate Modern.

Here we found a stall, which sold snow, and we knew that this was the idyllic setting for such a romantic gesture. Eduardo also asked us to organise five personalised gifts to be created and placed on the market stall ready for Paulina to open. 

On the day of the proposal Paulina and Eduardo approached our chosen market stall. As they did Paulina noticed a string of photographs hanging at the back of the stall, however, she was shocked to see that these were no ordinary photos, they were in fact of the her and Eduardo.

Paulina also noticed, five beautifully wrapped gifts, laid out in the snow across the table.

Red is Paulina's favourite colour so the first gift that we created for her was a personalised poster, which read, 'I never believed in love at first sight until I set eyes on you my love.' This was to represent how Eduardo felt the moment he set eyes on her.

As Paulina unwrapped the second present she noticed that it was a wooden box, charmingly engraved with the initials 'E' & 'P' and the date that they met. Inside the box were seven photographs of the couple, one for each year that they had been together, to symbolise that couples who have been together for that long have meaningful stories to tell.

The third gift that Eduardo gave to Paulina contained two cards, which were the co-ordinates of where both of them live, (Paulina in Basel, Switzerland & Eduardo in Mexico City). . The first card represented where the couple live now a second represented where the couple might be in the future. The ideas behind the cards were to show that Eduardo wanted to spend the rest of his life with Paulina. Paulina then moved on to the fourth gift, which was a wooden box containing the large gold letters, 'P,' '&,' 'E'.

Eduardo wanted to express all the promises he would make if Paulina agreed to marry him. He had the romantic idea of writing these on baubles, (to represent his Christmas proposal), and putting them in a glass framed box. We loved the idea, but thought that the execution may be a little tricky as Paulina may not have been able to see the writing if all 34 promises were on baubles of that size. We decided to change the idea slightly and have the promises written on a tree made of red hearts, (her favourite colour), instead.

Eduardo's bauble promises idea...

..which we adapted to create a lovely heart shaped tree. As Paulina finished looking at the last gift, she turned around to see Eduardo on one knee, holding up a beautiful sparkling ring as he asked her to marry him, and she said 'Yes!'

Congratulations Eduardo and Paulina. We wish you all the best in the future! Since the proposal Eduardo has left us a lovely review! "Well... These girls made everything possible!! It was a very complicated situation because we set everything up from abroad (I live in Mexico). Nevertheless the execution was perfect and my fiance still don't believe what happened and the magic of the moment. I would highly recommend them!!"

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