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Published on 22nd October '13

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from Jeff all the way from the USA! He wanted to propose to his girlfriend on London's famous Southbank but didn't know how to do it. Having read through his form we noticed that his girlfriend Nicole was obsessed with the movie Love Actually.... Here's what happened:  Jeff and Nicole flew all the way from the States for a VERY special day in London

Whilst walking across London's Southbank, Nicole was handed presents by complete strangers. One of the presents was a personalised Facebook card. Why? Because the first time Jeff asked her out it was through Facebook!  Nicole recieved 6 presents in total...which were relevant to the 6 years they have been together  The Proposers designed each and every one of the presents so that they were unique and personalised to the couple

But the final present was a bit that it was handed to Jeff instead of Nicole. Jeff unwrapped it to reveal some signs that he held up for Nicole to read....

The words on the signs were the exactly words from Nicole's favorite film Love Actually...  And the final sign? WILL YOU MARRY ME!

Out comes the ring...!

An ecstatic Jeff asked that important question!


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