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Published on 15th June '15

Floating above the beautiful English countryside as the sun rises - this could be the most romantic setting for a stunning proposal. And with the help of The Proposers and Virgin Balloon Flights, this romantic proposal could become reality for you and your fiancee-to-be. Choose from one of over 100 locations across the UK, and book a spot in a balloon basket (at least 12 passengers needed in order to fly) for a stunning flight and a unique, romantic proposal. That's what Mingming and Yang did at Ashton Court in Bristol on May 25. The PhD students, who met four years ago at the University of Glasgow, enjoyed a stunning balloon flight over Bristol before Mingming got down on bended knee and popped the question.

"We've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon flight, the voucher was actually a gift for Yang's birthday last year, but we have been too busy to book it. We've heard a lot about the Bristol Balloon Fiesta every year at Ashton Court, so I thought it would be nice to fly and propose there," said Mingming. "To give somebody you love a surprise is so romantic, neither of us had even seen a hot air balloon before, so it was a completely new experience for us - we loved the bright red colour! "Flying above the city was nice. People on the ground greeted us, which was really friendly and made us feel like Bristol is such a lovely city. The sunlight was good for most of time, which created a romantic feeling too. "A hot air balloon flight is definitely an amazing and unique experience. It's totally different compared to looking at scenery from a skyscraper or a plane. "Yang was deeply moved and so happy - she posted the pictures on her social media and everybody has been talking about our unique proposal." The couple hope to get married in Glasgow this August, but say the proposal is something they'll never forget.

We are very very happy that we finally decided to spend the rest of our lives with each other. We held hands throughout the entire flight. Yang had big smile on her face all the time. It was a fantastic, never-to-be-forgotten experience, says Mingming. The balloon experience is between three and four hours and includes a pilot briefing, invitation to inflate the balloon, a one-hour flight, invitation to deflate the balloon, Champagne toast, certificate signed by the pilot and endorsed by Sir Richard Branson. For a beautiful hot air balloon proposal, or for another creative proposal idea, contact The Proposers.


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